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No better place for RB Ashton Hayes than Nebraska

The 2022 class for Nebraska can add another name to it's steadily growing list.

Ashton Hayes from Reno (Nev.) McQueen commits to the Huskers after having officially visited Nebraska the previous weekend.

The three-star running back was told by Nebraska on his official visit to plan on a role similar to the big-playmakers such as Mo Washington and Wan'Dale Robinson.

“I think that it was really the difference with the nutrition and the weight program,” Hayes said. “Honestly, college football when you’re looking at taking the next step and you want to go and play in the NFL I don’t think that there is a better place for me to prepare myself than at Nebraska.”

Besides the nutrition and the strength and conditioning, it was the people overall at Nebraska that really sealed the deal for his decision. He was very happy to see that the coaches were the same face-to-face as they were through the virtual side of the process.

“Throughout the process, the official visit weekend was a continuation of what I would get from the Nebraska staff on the ZOOM calls,” Hayes said. “They were genuine on the calls. Human beings really need to connect in person and verify that’s how those guys are was great for me. Overall, great people. My relationships with coaches (Ryan) Held, (Scott) Frost, (Dave) Ellis and (Zach) Duvall have grown.

“I had a three-hour call with coach Duvall about how he was excited to work with me and how he wanted the chance to develop me. All of those coaches had their own speeches about what they can do for me and not what I can do for them. That was a game-changer for me.”

Nebraska latest commitment Ashton Hayes
Nebraska latest commitment Ashton Hayes

Hayes has been to Cal and taken a handful of other unofficial visits. He talked about taking some additional visits last weekend following his trip to Nebraska or possibly hanging out waiting for some bigger offers. He said that based on how right Nebraska is for him that schools like Alabama or Clemson couldn't change his mind.

“That’s it,” Hayes said. “I don’t have any other trips planned and I am not setting any. I was talking to Boise State but they were a little late getting into the picture. I felt like the timing was right with Nebraska and I didn’t want to waste this opportunity where my family and I felt like could thrive.”

While on the official visit to Nebraska Hayes reached out to another running back that the Huskers have been recruiting. Justin Williams was on an official visit to West Virginia at the time. He says that there wasn't any feeling out or anything. Hayes did connect with the other recruits that officially visited Nebraska this past weekend though.

“We were acknowledging each other and who we were, Hayes said. "I have seen his interviews and he’s seen mine. It was an acknowledgment and that it’s a race to get there. But, I did get close with the guys that were on the official visit. I texted Grant Page that I was committing.”

The technology and the science at Nebraska that is tied to their football program really moved the needle with Hayes' father. His dad really couldn't envision another program being able to prepare his son for the football field better than the Huskers.

“I went to Nebraska with my dad,” Hayes said. “He was ecstatic. He’s a hydrogeologist so he’s taken just about every math and science class you can take. When he got a chance to see the presentation of the weight room he said that all of the other schools could only match Nebraska. He couldn’t see anyone rivaling them.

“He said that if all other schools can’t beat what Nebraska is doing to prepare me and only match it then you can come here and build yourself to try and get on the field immediately as a freshman. He didn’t think that there was a better place for me and I agree.”