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Wildeman found a great fit with the Huskers

Tate Wildeman
Tate Wildeman

The commitments from the spring game weekend continued for Nebraska when Tate Wildeman announced he was going to be a Husker over social media. The 6-foot-6 and 245-pound Wildeman picked up an offer the first night in Lincoln.

"Nebraska offered me on the first night there," Wildeman said. "I think that they wanted to offer me earlier, but coach Mike Riley wanted to do it personally. It was incredible to get that offer from him."

For Wildeman the decision to commit to Nebraska was made early on in his trip. He said that everyone showed him and his family so much love and made them as comfortable as possible there.

"I knew that I wanted to commit to Nebraska as soon as I got on campus. They showed me and my family so much respect from the very beginning of the visit.

"We met with all of the coaches and really were treated well by everyone here at Nebraska. We spent the most time with coach Bob Diaco and coach John Parrella."

Wildeman was blown away by the facilities at Nebraska. He was told by one of the Nebraska staff that he has ties with to stop looking for anything better.

"The facilities at Nebraska are incredible," Wildeman said. "They are the best that I have seen. Coach Diaco has been all over the country and he told me to stop looking for anything better because these are the best."

The Wildeman family has strong ties with Nebraska's defensive coordinator. Tate's father and Diaco played college football together and even coached with one another.

"We go way back with coach Diaco. My dad and coach played together at Iowa and then coached together at Western Illinois. They are still very good buddies. My dad is very excited that there will be someone who will be at college looking after me personally."

Wildeman loves the fit of the 3-4 and how Nebraska sees him in it. The Huskers want Tate to play about the size that he is currently.

"In the 3-4 the coaches see me playing the four-technique and the five-technique," Wildeman said. "I like the fit. I asked about how big they wanted me to get and they said that at the end of my senior year they would like me about 245 to 250-pounds which is what I am now.

"They said that they didn't care if I got up to 260-pounds my senior year. They just really want me to remain quick and fast. I think that they plan on breaking me down anyway and putting good weight on me once I get here."

Wildeman has cleared a path now to a distraction free spring and summer to focus on his upcoming senior season and working to get ready for Nebraska. He says that there are a lot of things that he will be working on.

"I will be working hard this spring and summer. I will be working on strength, speed, agility, pass rush moves and my hands. I want to win a state title and I want to lead my team to that goal."