Huskers nab talented PWO kicker Weinrich who can come in and compete for the job immediately at Nebraska
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Weinrich chooses PWO at Nebraska over Kansas and Iowa State

The situation at the specialist positions are starting to get an overhaul at Nebraska. Charlie Weinrich from Stilwell (Kans.) Blue Valley has committed to a preferred walk-on (PWO) opportunity at Nebraska over an offer from Kansas and another walk-on opportunity at Iowa State.

"Family was why I chose Nebraska," Weinrich said. "Being with my sister was one of the most important things for me. I also have a super cool uncle who now lives in Lincoln which was another factor. I feel like I can make a big impact at Nebraska and having them there is huge."

With preferred walk-ons the choice often comes down to the path to getting an offer. Weinrich is not scared to put in the work to get an offer.

"The scholarship opportunity is in my own hands. A quote I read often is "the man who works for more than he is paid will soon be paid for more than he works". I feel like that is the same here.

"If I put every ounce of effort into everything I do them I will soon be rewarded. So to answer your question, I believe a scholarship opportunity will only come if I continue to work towards it."

2022 Kicker Charlie Weinrich
2022 Kicker Charlie Weinrich

Weinrich says that there will be an adjustment for him from high school to college. However, as a kicker he's had to adjust to pressure and he has his faith to guide him.

"Going from high school to college will be weird," Weinrich said. "I had to grow up fast so change and pressure isn't something I am a stranger to. I am ready for whatever challenges cross my path because I know there is a higher power looking over me and guiding me through my career."

Weinrich said that the decision came down to three schools. "In the end I chose Nebraska over Iowa State and Kansas."