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Trev Alberts announces Indiana sellout and Herbie makover on Sports Nightly

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Nebraska Athletic Director Trev Alberts joined Greg Sharpe for his show on Sports Nightly Tuesday evening. The former Husker linebacker made his biggest announcement in beginning of the show revealing that the Nebraska vs. Indiana football game on Saturday was sold out for the 386th consecutive sellout at Memorial Stadium.

“The Indiana game’s going to be sold out, and I’m really, really proud of that,” Alberts said. “I’m grateful and thankful to our fans. We’ve said it’s going to be a week-by-week basis, and we’re making a lot of progress on the rest of the home games. But Husker Nation again continues to just respond.

“I’m just so grateful for our fans and would just ask them to continue to support these young men.”

The additional announcement involved giving Herbie Husker a new look for 2023. Alberts discussed the decision to give the original Herbie a makeover of sorts, in an attempt to rebrand and sell new merchandise.

According to Alberts, a "modernized" version of Herbie Husker will be "complete with corn and overalls". Alberts hopes that the new logo and merchandise will be ready by the beginning of 2023.

Alberts also revealed the plans to renovate Memorial Stadium ahead of its 100th season hosting Nebraska football. This Friday, the Board of Regents will vote on a proposed plan by Alberts and his staff. The changes that Alberts is proposing mostly comes from the fan survey that 22,000 people responded to last year.

"As we think about technology and how the fan base has evolved, how do they consume a live sporting event and how does technology interface with that," Alberts said. "What does the fan amentity look like? What's the right size and how do we create and ensure that the experience at Memorial Stadium is one of the best in all of college football. This gives us an opportunity to do that work quietly and I want to say again, to our fans, those 22,000 people that responded to our survey."

Some of those changes include a remodeling of the east balcony where over 600 seats will be lost.

In other projects around campus, Alberts revealed plans for new surfaces for both baseball and softball. The baseball team got a new playing surface after 11 years. Softball is also getting new turf in the outfield while also adding a padded wall.

The new outdoor track across from the Devaney Center is built and ready to go. However, "phase two" of the new facility has yet to commence. Phase two involves the construction of grandstands and media workplaces. However, this year's inflation caused problems with construction, forcing Alberts to shift gears and instead look for more donor help.

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