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Seisay enjoying the moment as decision approaches

Mohammed Seisay is having fun.
The 6-2, 200-pound former Memphis star redshirt freshman made the move to Eastern Arizona College in Thatcher, Ariz., after earning freshman all-conference honors at Memphis. Seisay's plan was to see what else was out there for him at the Division I college level.
He didn't get to go through a big recruiting process with a bevy of colleges offering scholarships out of high school or during one year at Fork Union Military Academy.
That's all changed this fall.
After piling up a long list of scholarship offers from top programs all around the country, the talented defensive back - who graduates later this month - has it down to two programs Arkansas and Nebraska.
With new Facebook and Twitter accounts he just recently started to keep everyone updated on his recruitment and career, Seisay is getting the opportunity to enjoy recruiting - something he didn't get to do out of high school.
"I just want to have fun with the situation," Seisay said. "Then again, I do my research, my brother does his research, we still sit down and I'm not playing around with it, I do like those two schools. I'm just enjoying my time with it."
Thursday, Nebraska coach Corey Raymond dropped by to spend time with the top Husker target. That meant a lot for Seisay in more ways than one.
"It went very well," Seisay said about Raymond's visit. "Nothing crazy, nothing intense, we just kicked it. We didn't talk about recruiting that much or football. We just talked about life. We had a fall sports banquet, so he had a chance to see that. We just went to the coaches' offices and chilled.
"We talked about my family, how everybody is doing back home and how I'm doing in my classes. He did say how much they need me, but we really just talked about school work. Those are important things right there. They don't pressure me into committing. We talk about things other than football. They'll mention it, but they don't pressure. The whole meeting isn't about that."
The bond between Raymond and Seisay has continued to build since the recruiting process began with Nebraska.
"With coach Raymond It's different, I guess," Seisay said. "Other schools, some schools I haven't even talked to the defensive coaches. I'll have a bond the recruiting coordinator or head coach. This bond with coach Raymond, it's my position coach. It's important that me and him are close. I have respect for the guy, coming out all the way over here, to middle of nowhere Arizona, late at night.
"He doesn't have to do that at all. That just shows that he's here for me with whatever decision I make. We'll still have a great relationship."
Another reason the Huskers have made an impression has to do with the fact that head coach Bo Pelini went to visit Seisay's family in Springfield, Va., in the last two weeks.
"My parents told me that they felt he had a strong presence and they believe in him and trust in what he had to say," Seisay said. "He answered all the questions perfectly. They had a great visit. They broke it down like that. My family, they trust him, so that must be a big thumbs up right there."
Arkansas head coach Bobby Petrino was by to Seisay the first week that in-home/in-school visits were allowed. Assistant coach Chris Klenakis has also been by to see the top corner as well.
The visit with Petrino was also a meaningful face-to-face meeting with a head coach.
"It was great," he said. "He came down and basically said the same thing everybody else is saying. He needs that guy at corner to shut down the SEC receivers. To build a great defense, he needs that shut down corner. He talks about coming in and play early and winning that championship."
Seisay talked about how he got from so many college choices down to the Huskers and the Razorbacks.
"Like I said, it's about having a relationship, that bond and knowing that I can come in there I can compete for a starting job," he said. "Also [it's about] going to a good program, a winning program with steady coaching. I don't want to have to worry about coaches making moves and stuff like that."
"What I like about Nebraska, it's that tradition, that defense, the Blackshirts. I'm a defensive guy, I want to go that school that has a nasty defensive swag about themselves. I'm going into a situation, with Prince Amukamara who was a first round pick, Alfonzo Dennard as possible a first round pack. They need that next person to fill those shoes and I might be that guy.
"With Arkansas, it's that SEC, one of the most competitive conferences in America. It's like playing in the [NFL] league basically. It's a great conference, and I'm not saying the Big Ten isn't a great conference either. Arkansas is on the rise. They're not far on that team from getting to that championship."
The decision date is still set for Dec. 20. That will follow what looks to be his final official visit, to Arkansas, on Dec. 16. He officially visited Nebraska on the weekend of Nov. 5.
His brother, Allieu Seisay who played at East Carolina, is the one most active in helping Mohammed with the recruiting process.
Seisay explained his older brother doesn't have a favorite school where he thinks Mohammed should sign with - well for the most part.
"Not really," Seisay explained. "I will tell you one thing, his favorite color is red [laugh]."
Though Seisay is well aware of the great defensive backs that have come from Arkansas, Nebraska and other programs that were once under consideration, he wants to be his own player - at whichever program he chooses.
"just want to be the best I can be," he said. "I don't like comparing myself. I want to start my legacy. The Mo Seisay legacy. Whatever school I come to, I'm going to bring my great work ethic and leadership. You need that leader on defense and in that secondary. Everybody in the Division I level can run and tackle, but that leadership ability - you have to be born with it."