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Riley brings a different camp schedule

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One of the biggest differences about Fall Camp under head coach Mike Riley has been the schedule.
[rl]Riley's camp resembles more of an NFL style where the players arrive around 9:30 a.m. and leave after 9:30 pm at night.
The team meets for film sessions around 12 pm and 4 pm and have three meals a day together, including a late dinner/snack at 9:30 pm before leaving. In the past they would get their late snack in a to-go box and take it home. Now the team eats together at the training table before leaving.
"(Camp) is a lot longer," sophomore defensive back Kieron Williams said. "I guess with Coach Bo (Pelini) we got here earlier and left earlier. With these guys we come around at 9:30 am and we leave around 9:30 pm. It's a 12 hour day."
To stay away from the heat and the humidity the first nine practices are all scheduled at 7 pm, then starting Aug. 17 they will begin a mid-morning practice schedule.
Pelini held night practices as well from 2012 to 2014, but the players schedule wasn't as long as it is now.
According to this 2012 story the players weren't required to report until 1:45 pm when they started the night practices under Pelini. So technically there's a good three to four hours more per day of team activities under Riley's August schedule vs. Pelini's
"There's something going on for the whole day," Williams said. "If it's preparing us for the NFL, then I guess it's a good thing.
"We have longer day and we are working harder."
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