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Reginald Youngblood plans to visit two for sure

When you're as highly sought after as Houston (Texas) Washington offensive line prospect Reginald Youngblood, taking an easy approach to the recruiting game only seems natural.
The 6-foot-5, 280-pound Youngblood told us that it's all going smoothly and he's really not too worried about the process and the war that's probably going to be swirling around him shortly.
"Not too much happening with it really," Youngblood said. "It's pretty much quiet and nothing major is going on. It'll probably get busier in a couple of weeks, but not much has changed with me. I've just been concentrating on school and the season."
We asked Youngblood to give us an idea of which schools might be in line for a visit from him and he said:
"Miami and Oklahoma for sure. After that, there's five other schools that I like that I need to sort through. Texas, LSU, Florida State, Tennessee and Nebraska are the others that I like. It's hard trying to pick a leader from that group. I wake up some days and like one school and then I wake up the next and like another. I've liked each one of those better than the others at least once."
At Washington, the Rivals.com No. 7 ranked, Youngblood anchors an offensive line that should be simply awesome this year and he told us that he and his teammates are off to a great start this season and that they hope to repeat or exceed the success they had last year.
"We've won both of our scrimmage games and the scores were 28-0 and 21-0. We have five guys back this year on each side of the ball, so we'll be good again. Last year we went 9-3 and lost in the second round of the playoffs. If we continue to work hard and improve, we'll be back in it again this year."
With Nebraska still sitting in his top seven schools, Reggie Youngblood would be a great addition to an already impressive list of commitments the Huskers have accumulated. Will they get an official visit from the talented lineman? It's hard to say, but Huskeronline.com will keep you posted as his plans are to start scheduling his officials before too much longer.
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