Postin Up with Ray Gallegos

In this week's edition of Postin' Up, we sat down with sophomore guard Ray Gallegos. In his second year at Nebraska, the Jordan, Utah, native is finally settling in with the Huskers.
In fact, he's already established himself in one of the most important team roles off the court as NU's unofficial team barber. Gallegos talks about his hair stylist knack as well as what made him choose to stay in Lincoln after contemplating transferring this past offseason.
HI: I remember talking with you last year and you telling me your teammates were starting to come to you for haircuts. Are you still considered the team barber?
RG: "I will when some of the guys ask me for haircuts, but it's not for free anymore."
HI: When did you decide to start charging for you services?
RG: "A while ago. I figured I had to get something out of it. So it's $5 a cut now."
HI: Who are your best customers on the team?
RG: "Lance (Jeter) and Bear Jones. Sometimes I'll give some out for free for some people, the one's who need a stylist."
HI: Who's one guy on the team that could use one of your haircuts the most?
RG: "Probably Matt Karn. I just don't like what he's doing with his head. I don't like the buzz."
HI: Being a Utah guy, were you much a Jazz fan growing up?
RG: "A little bit, yeah. I'm more of a Jazz fan now that I'm out of Utah. When I was back at home, I used to always want to be out, and I really didn't care that much about the state itself. But now that I'm here, I appreciate it more. I mean, we do have an NBA team, so I might as well just rep it."
HI: The Jazz had some pretty big news this week with Jerry Sloan resigning after 23 seasons in Utah. What was your reaction when you heard the news?
RG: "I was pretty shocked, really. I didn't think that he would do that. I just wonder how the team is going to be now. Hopefully they still hold up and do good. We still have Darren Williams out there."
HI: Do you talk much NBA with the guys in the locker room?
RG: "Not really. I just really listen to what is said in the locker room. I don't really give my input too much. I'm just all ears."
HI: How much does that have to do with Utah's 31-23 record at the moment?
RG: "They really don't talk much about the Jazz to me, except when they play the Lakers and lose. Lance and B-Rich mainly."
HI: Going back to this past offseason when you were thinking about leaving Nebraska. Looking back, what would you say was the one thing that made you decide to stay?
RG: "It was just the competition. Most of it was because I was homesick, and I just really had the mindset that I wanted to go home. The longer I stayed here, obviously I got used to it. Leaving really wouldn't have done much. I'm already here and I'm comfortable here now, so there was really no reason to leave."
HI: Are you glad you chose to stay?
RG: "Oh yeah. I know I made the right decision."