Postin Up with Myles Holley

In this week's edition of Postin' Up, we sit down with sophomore guard Myles Holley. After his performance against Baylor on Wednesday, Holley is emerging as one of Nebraska's most electrifying players with his high-flying dunks. After playing for two different junior colleges the past two seasons, the Norfolk, Va., native seems to have found a home in Lincoln. If he keeps playing the he did on Wednesday, the Huskers should be a fun team to watch the next few years.
HI: Describe to me what goes through your head when you know you're about to go up for dunk like the two you threw down against Baylor. What are you thinking right before takeoff?
MH: "Game time. It's like, it gets me going. It gets my team going, more importantly. I like just bringing that energy."
HI: Do you have a particular dunk in your basketball career that stands out as your best ever?
MH: "The dunk that stands out to me was in my senior year of high school. We were in the quarterfinals of the state tournament. We were at home, and we played this school named Petersburg High School. We were in overtime, and like as soon as overtime started I told my team, 'They're tired. They can't run with us.' So I came out and hit eight straight, back to back. From there, it was over. In the last seconds, I got a breakaway and did a 360 dunk, and the whole gym went crazy. Everybody started running on the court and everything. The game wasn't even over yet. It was crazy."
HI: I hear you're the king of the drop step dunk around here, where basically take one step and jump straight up for a dunk.
MH: "Oh yeah, that's me. I just need a little, little, little, little crack of daylight and I'm going to go up on you. I don't need that much room."
HI: Tell me about the first time you threw a drop step dunk down at Nebraska.
MH: "It was during our individual workouts in the preseason, and everybody was doing lay-ups. Well, I'm not used to laying the ball up. I dunk. That's just what I do. So every time I'd just go up and dunk. It gets me going. It gets me loose. It's just me."
HI: You took a long road to get to Lincoln, playing for two junior colleges the past two seasons. What's it like playing for three different teams in as many years?
MH: "It was just a lot of hard work and dedication and not giving up. Just keep playing. Basketball is basketball. It's just getting the chemistry of you team, but basketball is basketball when it comes down to it. Either your good at it, you're not or you're OK at it. It's basketball."
HI: You chose Nebraska over a few schools that, well, have a bit more enjoyable climate this time of year, including Miami. Why did you want to come be cold in Nebraska instead of going to school in South Beach?
MH: "I told my mom, I can't go to Miami. There's too many distractions down there. I know the type of person I am. I get distracted pretty easy, so I was like, 'No, I can't go there. There's too many distractions.' I would have been in trouble or kicked out of school somewhere."
HI: What was it about Nebraska that made you decide you wanted to be a Husker?
MH: "What sold me here was when I cam eon my visit, and the 95-percent graduation rate - they do what they can to help you graduate. That's what got me. Education is first, even more than basketball. You only have a short window in your life to be a basketball player. Education is first, and I wanted to graduate. I also get to play in the top conference in the country this year."
HI: Whenever I see you walking around campus or before practice, you always have headphones on. What is your song or artist of choice right now?
MH: "Most of the time when I'm walking around I'm listening to Trey Songz or Fabolous. Those are my favorite rapper (Fabolous) and my favorite R&B singer (Trey Songz). I listen to both of them a lot. I would say my favorite song right now would have to be - that's a good one - 'Lulaby' by Fabolous."
HI: A couple weeks ago Brandon Ubel said he tried to play some country on the locker room stereo, but it got shut off pretty quickly. What do you guys have against Tim McGraw?
MH: "I don't say nothin' about it. Hey, I listen to everything too, so he's got his right to play his music. It's the other players who shut it off, not me."
HI: Let's finish this off by helping me settle a little debate we've got going - who is the better dresser, Lance Jeter or Eshaunte Jones?
MH: "(Laughs) I'm gonna go with my man Bear. Bear's just got his own style. He just makes it happen. Really though, I ain't worried about that. Everybody's got their own opinion about who the best dresser is. I think I'm the best dresser and I don't even get dressed."