Positive as you will get

Seth Jensen has been a firm commitment to Nebraska for almost five months now. He has not missed too many home games that the University of Nebraska has played. This past weekend was a little more special, as it was his official visit. Official visit can be special and this one was no exception.
"This was my official," the No. 31 ranked defensive tackle said.
When asked what Seth Jensen's highlight was for his visit, he said the following:
"It was probably when Pierre and those guys committed - when Pierre Allen and when Kenny Wilson committed. Those guys are a good group of kids to be around. Russell Okung is pretty funny. We all hung out most of the weekend. Pierre is a really good guy and everything, so I was pretty excited to hear that he had committed."
He went on to say that he was standing there when both Allen and Wilson committed.
His host on the visit was offensive lineman Craig Roark. "Matt Slauson was going to be my host, but his family was down."
Seth Jensen liked what he saw in the change of the offensive line play this past weekend.
"They (Slauson and Lydon Murtha) did really well coming in Saturday and doing the job," he said. "I think they maybe gave up one sack from the outside and that was it. Those two freshmen tackles did outstanding."
The offensive play was not the only thing that he noticed.
"It just goes to show that how the program is going to be with the two freshmen tackles, freshman quarterback, freshman wide receivers, freshman running back. It is going to be good and then when my class gets in there, it is going to come back. With me and Pierre and Kenny and those guys, we have so much talent and that depth with all of those guys. Then with Josh Freeman, it is going to be changed around really quickly."
Seth Jensen is quite positive about the future of the Nebraska football program and he feels time will make it aware to everyone.
"They (the fans) have to give it time."
His parents were with him on his official visit and the whole family had some anxious moments towards the end of the game against Kansas State.
"They had a good time," he said. "Kind of stress out when Jordan Congdon kicked the game wining field goal, but I think everybody was. The entire stadium was silent for about five seconds. That was probably the quietest I have ever heard it.
"Everybody ran onto the field and then coach Bill Callahan called timeout and the entire stadium stayed silent just waiting to see what was going to happen. When it was good, the whole stadium erupted and it was the loudest I have ever heard it in my entire time going there.
"It (the kick) was right down the middle and cleared the pipes by 10 feet. What was weird is that right before he kicked the football, the wind stopped. It died for like five seconds. He kicked it and the wind picked up again and went right down the middle.
"That win was so important, now we are going bowling. It is going to be a real good weekend. I hope they kill Colorado."
What position will he be playing at Nebraska?
"John Blake want to put me at rush defensive end for passing situations. I'm weighing about 266 (pounds) right now. They want me at 295 or so. Blake is a good guy and I will go up to whatever they want me to. Blake says that I am his forever." He was measured at 6-foot3 7/8 at his official visit.
Some the offensive coaches would like to see him play on the offensive line. Jensen, with a true team spirit, is open to almost anything.
"But I told them wherever I am the most productive and wherever the team needs me, I'm going to go play there."
There is no plans of any redshirting for Seth Jensen - per his talk with the coaches. He will be groomed for immediate action.
"It is going to be wherever I'm going to be helping the team."
He will be going in early next summer and train to be a starter. That is his objective.
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