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Points after: Frost gives his thoughts on loss to Wisconsin

Here’s a quick recap of what Nebraska head coach Scott Frost had to say following the Huskers' 37-21 loss to No. 14 Wisconsin on Saturday...

***Frost said overall he was happy with the play of the offense, but Nebraska came up short on too many fourth downs and made too many mistakes.

***Frost said senior defensive end Carlos Davis told the coaches before the game that he wasn't healthy enough to play. Frost said Davis had practiced all week.

***The injuries that kept Davis, Wan'Dale Robinson, and Darrion Daniels obviously hurt, but Frost said Nebraska still needed to bolster its talent across the board to be competitive.

"We need more pieces..." Frost said. "This is a great opportunity for recruits to come in and help us."

***While Frost thought the defense played well at times, he said, "it needs to be better." Frost said if NU could "get to a point where we're giving up less than 30 points per game with the way the offense is going" they'll be pretty good.

***Frost said Dedrick Mills' big day was a result of him making the most of a bigger opportunity and also the offensive line having its "best run-blocking game of the year."

***Frost was pretty blunt about what needs to happen to get Nebraska over the hump and in a position to win games like this.

"Nobody's going to give you anything in life," Frost said. "Nobody's going to give you anything in football. You've got to go out and take it."

***Frost's biggest gripe with the defense was that Nebraska had chances to play with a lead but gave it right back with defensive and special teams breakdowns and offensive mistakes.

"That's where a good team goes out and makes it happen," Frost said.

***Frost said Adrian Martinez "played like the Adrian we know today." Frost said Martinez had been "battling like a warrior" through injury and adversity and added that "we're not good enough around him yet."

Frost said Martinez had been through a lot this season, and Frost remembered when he was "the most hated man in Nebraska" when he was playing. Frost didn't want to focus too much on Martinez's individual mistakes.

***Frost was asked if he was encouraged by how Nebraska fared overall against a top-15 team, but he wasn't interested in finding moral victories.

"I'm tired of looking for silver linings because this team needs to decide it's going to do what it takes to change it," Frost said.

***Needing two more wins in the final two games in order to make a bowl game, Frost was asked if he hoped the Huskers would play with their backs against the wall the rest of the way.

"I hope they understand that their backs are again the wall, but I want guys to play like their backs are against the wall every game," Frost said.

***Frost said he was very grateful to Nebraska's leadership for believing in him enough to give him a two-year contract extension. He said it was now his job to make sure that belief pays off in the future.

"People in Nebraska know me, and I'm a fighter," Frost said. "I'm not going to quit until this is right."

Frost said he and his staff realized there was a lot more work to be done to rebuild the program than they initially anticipated, and said he'll talk more on that topic in the offseason.

***Frost thanked the fans for continuing to support the program, especially packing Memorial Stadium again for a four-win team. His message to the fans was, "It seems like we're miles away, but we're miles away and this close at the same time."