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Points after: Frost talks loss to Ohio State

Here’s a quick recap of what Nebraska head coach Scott Frost had to say following the Huskers' 48-7 loss to No. 5 Ohio State on Saturday night...

***Frost opened his post-game press conference by saying: “I’m just disappointed. I knew they were a good team… That’s where we want to get as a football team.”

***Frost said he and his staff continue to harp on the importance of turnovers and ball security, and they just can’t afford to give the ball away three times in the first half to anyone, let alone a team like Ohio State.

***Frost said he truly believed the Huskers “had a puncher’s chance” to pull off the upset if they came out and played really well in all three phases. “Obviously we didn’t and that’s the result.”

***Frost was asked about the concern over doubt creeping into the team’s minds after a loss like that. He said the Huskers’ couldn’t “doubt for a second where this going,” and his message after the game was for the players to put this game behind them and get ready to win next week.

***Frost said he was confident doubt wouldn’t be an issue because his team had players who would let it happen. “You can’t run from who you are and you can’t run from what you are,” Frost said. “They’re not going to doubt any of that.”

***Frost said he kept hearing questions about concern and doubt, and while he “hates losing more than anybody,” he wouldn’t use those terms because that wasn’t what the team was thinking about right now.

***Frost said he was proud of the way the Huskers kept playing even with the way the game started. He didn’t think anyone quit.

***Frost said the offense “went back to some old-school Nebraska stuff” in the running game and had success. Asked if that would continue to be a wrinkle going forward, Frost said: “We’ll see.”

***Frost said the second interception was a result of Adrian Martinez not having enough time in the pocket to let the route develop and make a good throw. Had Martinez had another second or two, Frost thinks he would have hit Wan’Dale Robinson for a touchdown.

***Nebraska’s wide receivers and tight ends combined for just five catches and 27 yards against Ohio State, and the first reception by a non-running back didn’t come until late in the third quarter.

Frost said the entire offense was to blame for that, and he also gave a lot of credit to OSU’s pass rush and secondary for disrupting the passing game.

***Frost said he’d never been a part of a team that has had this level of issues with turnovers before. He said the only thing NU could do was continue to work on ball security and only worry about things they can control.

***Frost was asked he felt the program was as far enough ahead in its progress since he took over as he’d expected.

“You’re never as far along as you want to be…” Frost said. “Obviously we wish we were undefeated and won every game by 100 points, but that’s not where we are."

***Frost said his message to fans was the same as he’d said all week: that Nebraska was going to get a lot more opportunities to play in a game like that on that type of stage in the future.

“Everyone knows where this is going,” Frost said of his program. “(Ohio State) is a better football team than we are right now, but we’re going to get more opportunities against teams like that in the future.”