Pelini comments on the Starling situation

Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini released this statement tonight after the tweet that the MLB Network's Peter Gammons made regarding him and freshman quarterback Bubba Starling.
Pelini said in a statement that Gammons accusations that he has put any kind of pressure or heat on the Starling family is not accurate.
Pelini said everything remains status quo with him and the Starling family.

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"As I discussed Saturday, Bubba Starling, his family and I are all on the same page, and have been throughout this entire process," Pelini said. "Bubba has a lot at risk. We are all aware of that, and everyone involved is comfortable with how the situation is being handled.
"I have a complete understanding of how this situation works, and from the outset we have supported Bubba and his family as they make a very difficult decision. All of our interactions as a staff with Bubba and his family have been nothing but supportive, and have been very respectful from both sides. Any information contrary to that is not accurate. It is disappointing that media would comment on the situation without talking to any of the primary parties involved."