HuskerOnline - Nebraska visit much more than Kylon Griffin was expecting
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Nebraska visit much more than Kylon Griffin was expecting

Kylon Griffin
Kylon Griffin

Alabama defensive back Kylon Griffin [KY-Lynn] arrived in Lincoln on his official visit expecting to encounter a rural small town with little to do, but he was pleasantly surprised to be proven wrong.

"It was great!" Griffin began, while adding, "I wasn't prepared for a lot of the stuff up there. It was way more than I expected.

"I expected a country, not a lot to do, type of college, but there's a lot to do in Lincoln. And then, of course, you've got Omaha not too far away from Lincoln. So, there's a lot to do there. Plus, they are rebuilding a lot."

Griffin was referencing the new facilities under construction at UNL, but he was also impressed with the current facilities setup.

"I love the facilities they have now, but the facilities they are building, that they showed me, are going to be that on steroids," Griffin stated. "So, I'm really looking forward to it."

His player host was Myles Farmer, and Griffin said he got a good vibe hanging around the Husker players for the past two days.

"It was great," Griffin said. "I knew he was cool as soon as I met him. We just really relaxed this weekend and I liked being around him. I feel like their players are all connected and have great relationships. Not only hanging out and being friends, but on the field as well."

His potential defensive coaches spent a lot of time with Griffin explaining to him exactly how he would fit into their scheme and on the team should he come to Lincoln.

"I spent a lot of time with Coach Chin and with Coach Fish as well," Griffin shared. "They told me that they build their defense on being a unit. Everybody is together and, eventually, that's going to win games."

His meeting, before departing for the airport, with NU head coach Scott Frost went extremely well, according to Griffin.

"I loved it!" Griffin stated emphatically. "I was looking forward to that. That was probably my most anticipated thing of the weekend and I loved every second of it."

Griffin's mother accompanied him to Lincoln and she was as impressed as her son was with the totality of what Nebraska has to offer.

"She said she loved it! She said the same thing, that it was more than we expected."

The high point of the entire weekend for Griffin was being recognized by someone in public.

"The personal highlight was somebody at the hotel we were staying in knew my name without me introducing myself," Griffin said. "So, it was like they knew me before I even got up there."

Even though the Huskers made a good impression on Griffin, they will have to withstand upcoming official visits to two of college football's powerhouses over the next couple weekends.

"Yes sir, I go to Clemson next weekend and to USC the weekend after that. I just want to see how the players are actually building the team instead of the coaches. Great teams are when the players are leading, not the coaches."

After he completes his three official visits, Griffin will announce his college choice in short order.

I plan to commit on [February] 1, the day before signing day. I will announce it on twitter."

Kylon Griffin
Kylon Griffin