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Nebraska lands their quarterback in Johnny Stanton

Ever since Johnny Stanton made his second trip to Lincoln within a two week period, Husker fans have been waiting with bated breath for him to officially come on board as a Nebraska Cornhusker commit.
That day arrived today and Husker Nation was finally able to exhale in relief.
"Yes, I did come to a decision," Stanton confirmed. "I called Coach (Bo) Pelini and Coach (Tim) Beck this morning and told them that I was committing.
"They were just really excited to have me in the program. They said that they were very excited to have me in the Husker family."
Stanton relayed that Nebraska had been his putative leader for a while.
"I've been slowly kind of leaning towards Nebraska because I can not only see myself playing in their program, but also just see myself going to school there," Stanton explained. "That was one of the more important things for me was to see myself being a good fit there.
"My parents were sold on Nebraska when we got to take that second visit out there. They were very supportive the whole way through and they would've been happy with any decision I made, but I think they're very happy that I went with the Huskers."
Now that he is officially on board with NU, Stanton said that he plans to join his fellow Husker commits in their efforts to get other top prospects to join their recruiting class.
"I am excited to be able to start helping Nebraska recruit the other California guys and try to help build up our recruiting class as much as I can," Stanton said. "I plan to start making some texts and phone calls soon."
In the end, Nebraska won over two other successful college football programs, according to Stanton.
"My decision came down to Oregon, Wisconsin and Nebraska, and I think it became more of a Wisconsin and Nebraska battle in the end. It was a very hard decision for me to make because all of those three schools were very high on my list.
"I could have seen myself playing at any one of them, but I think I found the right fit for me."
What may have aided NU a bit toward the end in securing Stanton's pledge is that he had been working out under the same quarterbacks coach with Taylor Martinez in California recently.
"Yeah, I was able to work out with him last week and hopefully that will continue a little bit and I will be able to make more of a relationship with Taylor," Stanton said.
"He's looking really good. It seems like his mechanics have gotten a lot better and that is the first step to getting better."
Stanton said that he is hoping to see the Huskers play in person at least a couple times this season.
"I'm going to talk to the Nebraska coaches soon about setting up my official visit," Stanton stated. "I'm not sure when it's going to happen or what date it will be yet.
"I think that I'm also going to see if I can go down to the Rose Bowl to see them play UCLA this season."
Wrapping up, Stanton had a message for the Nebraska fans"
"I'd just like to say thank you for the support that I've had from them, and I think that it's going to be a fun time when I'm at Nebraska."