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Michigan postgame nuggets

Here is a full rundown of what Nebraska head coach Scott Frost and his players had to say following the Huskers’ 32-29 loss to No. 9 Michigan on Saturday night…

Adrian Martinez said he felt “a lot of responsibility” for Saturday night's 32-29 loss to Michigan.
Adrian Martinez said he felt “a lot of responsibility” for Saturday night's 32-29 loss to Michigan. (Associated Press)

***Frost said he felt terrible for quarterback Adrian Martinez and the team because they did so many good things, and he said he had more fun than he'd ever had in a game. Frost said Michigan "is a damn good team … and those types of games usually come down to one or two plays."

***On Martinez's late fumble, Frost said: "Adrian's a warrior. I really hurt for him." Frost said he didn't know if Martinez's momentum was stopped before the fumble, "but we can't expect to get those breaks. We have to make plays."

***Going into the final drive, Frost said the whole team felt like they were going to win. Frost said the offense "started shooting our shot" in the second half, but they wanted to try and establish the run to start the game.

***On not kicking a field goal on the first offensive series, Frost said he "wanted to win the game and stay aggressive," but would have kicked a field goal in retrospect. He said he didn't think they were going to win with field goals.

***Frost said Michigan's defense pressured Nebraska a lot tonight. "I don't blame them."

***On the final offensive possession, Frost said NU started with a great pass on the first play. But they missed a crossing route and then nearly had a big play on the screen pass had the guard been ahead one more step.

On the last play, Frost said he just wanted to take a shot with one of their best players in Toure.

***Frost said: "When we get ahead with seven minutes left, we need to win the game."

***Frost had no update on the injury status of left tackle Teddy Prochazka. He commended Bryce Benhart for stepping in after Prochazka went out.

***Frost reiterated that he wasn't worried about the Huskers sticking together after yet another crushing loss "because this team loves each other. They love the coaches, and the coaches love them. We've come so far. I thought tonight was the night."

***Frost said one of the most noticeable differences tonight from previous losses was that he never felt like anyone was thinking "what's going to go wrong" during the game.

***Frost said they stuck with Rahmir Johnson as the primary running back because "he was playing the best." He also said Yant went the wrong way on a key third-down play, which played a part in the playing time the rest of the way.

***Frost: "We're a good football team. It's hard to imagine the things that have all happened to us. Sometimes you can't even anticipate them... We're going to keep fighting and do our best to prepare for Minnesota."

***Martinez said he wasn't going to make excuses for his fumble, and he can't be careless with the ball. However, he said he thought the play was over when his momentum was stopped.

Martinez said he felt "a lot of responsibility" for the loss and that he couldn't "make mistakes that hurt our team."