HuskerOnline - It's come to the end of the line for Tommy Armstrong
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It's come to the end of the line for Tommy Armstrong

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - This was probably not the bowl week Nebraska quarterback Tommy Armstrong hoped or planned for, but the senior who's started 44 games at NU addressed reporters one final time this season from Nashville.

Armstrong hasn't officially been ruled out by head coach Mike Riley for Friday's Music City Bowl against Tennessee, but it's all but a foregone conclusion as he's yet to practice this entire month.

It seems like the best case scenario for Armstrong is suiting up for Friday's game and serving as an emergency No. 3 quarterback behind Ryker Fyfe and Zack Darlington.

“I’ve been doing some work these past couple of weeks and maybe I could be an emergency guy,” Armstrong said on Wednesday. “We haven’t decided yet, as we are still talking to the trainers. We are still taking it a day at a time. I might just be an emergency guy for Zack and Ryker, but right now we are still figuring that out.”

Armstrong said he's probably at about 75 to 80 percent health, and there's no question he made his hamstring injury worse by playing at Iowa in Week 13.

Armstrong said it's been strange spending time with fellow senior wide receiver Jordan Westerkamp this week knowing they won't be a part of the Music City Bowl.

“It’s difficult. Me and Jordan (Westerkamp) always sit in our room and just say how bad we want to be out here,” Armstrong said. “At the end of the day it’s what’s good for you. It’s about your health. There are only certain things a certain person can do. You can’t be Superman and do things like you did back in Week 1 or Week 2.”

Armstrong added he has complete confidence in Fyfe that he can get the job done at quarterback.

“This team does not skip a heartbeat when it comes to me playing or Ryker,” Armstrong said. “I think that just shows how much (Fyfe) has improved and how much he’s challenged himself and earned the respect of his teammates.”

Armstrong finishes his career at Nebraska No. 1 all-time in passing yards (8,871), completions (625), total offense (10,690 yards), total touchdowns (91) and career starts (44).

Even with all of the records Armstrong will leave Nebraska holding, the way this season ended for him has sure made things difficult. However, just being around his teammates one final time has helped keep his spirits up this week.

“It’s been rocky this year,” Armstrong said of his career at Nebraska. “The last three or four week has been tough. I think it’s been a great thing just for me being out here with my brothers and being out here with the guys I’ve graduated with and the young guys I’ve become friends with. I’m looking forward to watching them in the future. It’s been great for me and it’s been a great thing for me to be out here with this team.”