InsideNebraska - Important host for TE Androff on official visit to Nebraska
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Important host for TE Androff on official visit to Nebraska

Nebraska made some great decisions on who to pair up with which official visitors this past weekend, but none quite as well as with Chase Androff. Androff, a 6-foot-6 and 230-pound tight end from Lakeville (Minn.) South, had a host from his neck of the woods showing him around while in Lincoln.

“I got there Friday around noon to 1:00 I would say,” Androff said. “We got a basic tour after lunch. We met some of the coaches and did some meetings, like with life skills, sports science and nutrition. That took most of the day.

“We went down to watch the Friday Night Lights camp and hang out with coach (Sean) Beckton. It was a full day. We didn’t have a break that day at all. We went from watching camp to hanging out with my host which was Bryce Benhart.”

Androff and his host Benhart were with another official visitor and his host most of the weekend.

“I met a lot of linemen because those were Benhart’s friends. I met Landon Samson, Ashton Craig because his host was Turner Corcoran, and then we met all of the other ones. Those were the main two.”

TE Chase Androff
TE Chase Androff (

Androff was amazed by the facilities at Nebraska. He saw the plans for the new construction and improvements being made to the facilities as well.

“Everything was amazing,” Androff said. “We just got a quick tour around campus but, it was a lot of football facility-related stuff like the academic wings and the construction area. We saw a video rendering what it’s going to look like. The coaches were talking about where their new offices would be.”

On Sunday morning, Androff had a chance to sit down with the Nebraska staff and go through the offense and how they scheme with their tight ends.

“Earlier today, I had a meeting with coach Beckton for about an hour,” Androff said. “We went through a lot of plays on how they like to use their tight ends. Then I had a sit-down meeting with both coach Beckton and coach Scott Frost before I left for the airport.”

Androff had some level of expectations for the visit to Nebraska. He gave the visit a high score and said hanging out with Benhart was very valuable for him.

“I would say it was very high. I remember my sister coming here for a normal academic tour and they said it was very well put together. We had those expectations.

“The visit was at least an ‘8’ for me. Talking with Bryce both nights was big. He’s from the same hometown and had offers to go to a lot of places, so I wanted to hear why he chose Nebraska. We also had a big dinner over at coach Frost’s house on Saturday night. It felt like we were at home.”

Androff is traveling the next two weekends, then he says he would like to spend some time thinking about his decision and will announce when the time is right.

“I have TCU camp next weekend and after that I have an official visit to Michigan State. I don’t really have a set date except to say that I would like to decide at some point this summer. It’s going to be whenever it feels right.”