Nebraska extends offer to 2023 QB Watson after previously holding offer from Whipple at Pitt
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Huskers extend offer to 2023 QB Watson at Junior Day

This was the first junior day for Nebraska for the 2023 class and they had over 20 visitors in town. There were over 40 offers made by the Nebraska staff this past week and it felt like more offers could be made this weekend to Junior Day visitors. Quarterback William Watson from Springfield (Mass.) Central picked up an offer while on his visit to Nebraska this weekend.

"Today I really just wanted to see how things were at Nebraska and see where things stood for me as a recruit," Watson said. "I wanted to get a feel for the coaches, too. The offer was a 'plus one.'".

Watson has a history with the Nebraska offensive coordinator. He has known him and worked with him going back to elementary school. Watson had an offer from coach Whipple when he was at Pitt before coming to Nebraska last month.

"I have been working with Whipple since I was in sixth grade and he was at UMass. I think that he trusts me similar to the way I trust him.

"With his offense there is an answer for every situation. Every defense he has an answer for it and he has multiple plays like that. I feel like the way I can read a defense is perfect for both of us."

Watson says that he goes out and executes and makes plays, which helps his team win. That's how he would sum up his ability at the quarterback position.

"I am a play-maker and a winner," Watson said. "Those are the two biggest traits for me. Whatever I have to do to win, I am going to do it. If I have to make a play, then I am going to do that, too."

2023 QB William Watson
2023 QB William Watson

While on his junior day visit, Watson came away impressed with the support systems that the Huskers have in place for their current and their former players.

"Their academic support and their alumni network really helps all of their current and former athletes," Watson said. "They told me about a player that thought he was going straight to the NFL and didn't get that chance.

"They plugged him in with an alumni to do real estate. They have people that will take care of you and that helps on that part of the decision, especially since I want to go into real estate."

Watson really liked Nebraska's current facilities and loves the plans for the facilities that are being built.

"The facilities that are currently there are great facilities. I love them. But the facilities that they are building are on a whole new level. Those are going to be completely different."

The decision for Watson will come down to a winning program and the coaching staff's trust in him to go out and win those games.

"First and foremost, I want to win games," Watson said. "I want the trust from the coaches to go out there and win games. I want that support after football from the school after football is over."

Things are definitely tougher for Nebraska with Watson because of distance, but right now, he doesn't think distance will have an impact on his decision.

"I don't know how much distance is going to play a role. As of right now, I would say that it doesn't matter. I don't know. I would say right now that it didn't really matter."

There is a visit next weekend for Watson and he says he will get to Pitt at some point. He has plans to get back to Nebraska once in the spring and hopefully again this fall.

"I am going to UMass on January 29th and I am going to try and get up to Pitt as well. Those two are the schools recruiting me the hardest leading up to getting the Nebraska offer.

"I am going to definitely try and get here for the spring game and for a regular season game this fall," Watson said.