HuskerOnline - Fyfe battles back after missing most of the summer
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Fyfe battles back after missing most of the summer

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[rl]2015 was a summer junior Nebraska quarterback Ryker Fyfe would like to forget.
After having an up and down spring Fyfe was sidelined from May through most of July with an undisclosed medical issue.
During that time Fyfe was not with the team or going through any kind of workouts, which really put questions out there about his future.
However, Fyfe has not only shown up to Fall Camp, but he's also put a strong lock on the No. 2 quarterback position. During Saturday's 100+ play scrimmage Fyfe and starter Tommy Armstrong each split the first 14 offensive series under center.
"I didn't get back until the end of July. I took from about early May to the first part of July," Fyfe said. "It was a rough summer."
During the summer Fyfe saw his weight drop 23 pounds from 213 down to 190. He's back up to 197 pounds now, and he's gaining confidence by the day.
Very few people knew about Fyfe's personal medical issue, but once his teammates found out they all got behind him and showed support.
"We've been the most supportive we can," Armstrong said of Fyfe. "We wanted to try and give him a little bit of space just to think about certain things. We wanted to make sure he was ok. We didn't want to sort of pressure him to showing up and watching film and things like that. We made sure he knew we were here for him and at the end of the day that's what quarterbacks are for - just to be friends and to make sure we are looking out for each other."
Now that he's back in the fold Fyfe hopes to continue to compete and lock down the No. 2 job behind Armstrong.
On Saturday he threw three touchdown passes and engineered back-to-back scoring drives at one point leading the No. 2 offense.
"(My teammates) didn't know at first, but they all know now and they've all been really supportive," Fyfe said. "I'm just thankful for them and my family and friends. These coaches and the doctors around here are just amazing and they helped me get through some things. I'm just being honest with you guys that's what happened."
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