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Five things we learned on Tuesday

Each week during the fall Huskeronline.com will sum up the weekly press conference with a "five things we learned" feature.
Nebraska will get ready to take on a 6-0 Oklahoma State team in Stillwater on Saturday. Here's the latest buzz from the Huskers as they get ready to play another big game against a ranked opponent this week.
1 - Don't try and be funny
I always think it's not a good approach for anybody to try and be funny in a press conference setting when asking a question to a player or a coach.
Even as funny as you may think you are, it usually doesn't come out that way in an organized press conference setting when the cameras or light are turned on. During Tuesday's Husker press conference in Lincoln a newspaper videographer thought it would be funny to poke at NU head coach Bo Pelini about his October struggles…probably not a good idea.
From that point on it didn't look like the press conference would last five minutes, but somehow it was stretched out to just over 19 minutes. There were long awkward moments of silence on Tuesday with Pelini, because he was clearly annoyed by the question he was asked to start things off.
2- Lee has accepted his 'relief quarterback role'
Redshirt freshman quarterback Taylor Martinez did not talk during Tuesday's press conference, but senior Zac Lee was there to field questions from reporters.
Lee was very gracious on Tuesday and took questions for nearly 15 minutes. Lee said he's accepted his "relief quarterback" role and he compared his situation against Texas to this past Monday night when the Tennessee Titans put Kerry Collins in for the injured Vince Young. Lee said you have to be ready for your call at any time and he'll be ready if he gets it again on Saturday at Oklahoma State.
3 - 28 missed tackles and eight dropped passes
Easily the two stats of the game for Nebraska against Texas is the fact they dropped eight passes on offense and missed 28 tackles on defense.
Defensive coordinator Carl Pelini said over half of Texas's rushing yards this past Saturday came after contact. Plain and simple if NU tackles better on defense Saturday's game may have had a different outcome even if you take out the dropped passes.
Senior safety DeJon Gomes said nobody really wanted to watch the film on Sunday because they knew it was that bad, but it was something they needed to do in order to get better.
4 - Home game woes
The trend with Pelini's teams at Nebraska has become they play better on the road than at home. Why that is, nobody knows.
Even Pelini is searching for answers on that topic himself, as are several of NU's players. It's something that bothers Pelini, because he can't put a finger on why this is. Even if Nebraska wins at Oklahoma State, this will be something people will talk about going into the Oct. 30 Missouri game.
5 - The team has moved on
While most Husker fans haven't moved on yet from Saturday's loss to Texas, the team has. Multiple different players said on Tuesday you can sense the purpose in the guys that they want to come out with a strong performance at Oklahoma State.
You can sense that this team is very upset with the way they played this past Saturday and they're looking forward to getting back on the field to prove their doubters wrong against the Cowboys.
Quote of the day
"Some things you can't really answer. I'm searching for that answer why that has happened. It's not an easy thing to put your finger on. Is it lack of focus? I don't know. Is it too much want to? I don't know what it is. It's something that comes down to you have to stay the same and be consistent all the time in your approach. I don't know if that's happening. Once again I'm looking at everything to see what we can do for that not to happen again."
-Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini on why his teams has such highs and lows at home vs. the road.
(Not so) funniest moment of the press conference
Newspaper videographer: "October really isn't a good month for you, is it?"
Bo Pelini: "Next question….What does that mean? I'm not sure what that means?"
Newspaper videographer: "I'm sorry it was something you had said last week."
Pelini: "I was joking." (Long awkward silence in the room.)
-The opening series of questions to Pelini from a newspaper videographer at Tuesday's press conference.