Fitzgerald comments about his Nebraska remarks

CHICAGO - Northwestern head coach Pat Fitzgerald was asked on Monday at the Big Ten Media Days to comment about his remarks regarding Nebraska, where he referred to it as a boring state.
"It's a pretty boring state, so they're really excited to see Chicago," Fitzgerald told the Chicago Tribune last week. "I talked to the state senator about putting state troopers out on I-80 (to block them.)"
The comments from Fitzgerald really stirred things up with Nebraska fans on social media and talk radio.
When asked about it Monday, Fitzgerald clarified he wasn't trying to take a shot at Husker fans, but more calling out his own fan base for letting so many NU fans get tickets for the 2012 game in Evanston.
"It's just a great fan base," Fitzgerald said of Nebraska. "What I was making light of was how well they traveled to our place two years ago and how our fans need to step up. I was really challenging our fans and complimenting (the Nebraska fans) on how well they travel.
"That's what great about Big Ten football, especially Nebraska fans with how supportive they are to the team. I have nothing but respect. I didn't mean anything or to disrespect anybody."
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