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DE Schwartz liked the fit the best at Nebraska

Hayden Schwartz left Nebraska following his June 11th official visit with the Huskers as the co-leader with Michigan. Nebraska won out and earned a commitment from Schwartz over the Wolverines, as well as a number of other schools, because of the people, the technology and the overall way he could see himself being developed. Schwartz summed it up best by just saying "the fit".

“One reason why was the culture,” Schwartz said. “There is a great culture at Michigan with their coaches, but it just felt like a better fit at Nebraska. Coach Frost is awesome.

“I know that coming down to committing you don’t want to focus on the coaches, but the staff at Nebraska is awesome from coach Frost to coach Tuioti to coach Chinander. It was everyone that was on their staff. It felt like family. It was just a great fit on all fronts from spiritually, academically and football-wise too. I felt like it was the best spot for me to develop.”

Schwartz was told on his visit in June that the Nebraska staff was interested in seeing where his body could go. They saw potential to add some more size and strength to his frame that could allow him to move down on occasion.

“After talking to coach Frost, I think that he sees me as their rush end,” Schwartz said. “And Nebraska, just like all of the schools, really felt like, after some time in the program and in the weight room, it was really going to come down to seeing what my body does and if I could possibly move down on certain downs.

"At least right now it’s really the rush end spot like in a five-technique. Wherever they want to put me at the end of the day I will play because I really just want to help the team.”

One of the things that interested Schwartz about Nebraska was their strength and conditioning program, as well as their nutritional program. He sees both as necessary tools to get better and will translate to better on the field performance from him.

“Nebraska and coach Duval really have something going there between their technology, the techniques and the new facilities that they have going up there. I think that all of those tools are going to translate to on the field and that’s what I am looking for. I want to understand where I am weak so I can fix that and then apply that to the field. I don’t want to be unbalanced. I want to be strong in all areas.

“They went into such detail with their techniques and with the nutrition. They did a test on me while I was there and were measuring what my frame could hold and what foods were best for me to add weight or stay at a weight. The science of it was so cool. Nebraska was the first when it comes to the strength program and I just feel like they keep improving and keep pushing it forward with the science and technology.”

There were some comments swirling after Schwartz announced his commitment to Nebraska that he could be considering taking visits to other schools, but he put to bed any concerns about trips.

“Visits for me are all done," Schwartz said. "I am focused on Nebraska. Recruiting, visiting and going to other schools or that kind of stuff? I am not planning on doing any of that.”

Schwartz got a great view at a number of schools throughout his recruiting process which allowed him to make an informed decision.

“After Nebraska, I think that I went to Texas and then worked out for Missouri. I also went to TCU. After that, I drove up to North Carolina and did a workout for them, and then I went to Miami. I might be forgetting a school in there.”

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The latest Nebraska commit: Hayden Schwartz (Chad Simmons /