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Cody Green opens up about his decision to transfer

Saturday afternoon received a phone call from Cody Green and he agreed to answer some questions about his decision to transfer out of Nebraska.
In the interview below, he traces back how the process played out, how difficult of a decision it was to leave Lincoln, and also his future plans. Lastly, he has some parting words for the Cornhusker fans.
How long had you been considering transferring?
"It's been probably almost a year now. About halfway through this past season it's just that I could feel the offense going in a different direction than what I came to Nebraska for."
Did you consider changing positions or was it discussed?
"I did. It was late in the season and I just wanted to do whatever I could to get on the field and help the team. I wanted to get out there with the guys whenever I could either at tight end or receiver. The tight ends were down in numbers and needed some extra hands.
"I discussed it with both coach Bo (Pelini), coach (Shawn) Watson and coach (Ron) Brown. They were all for it before the Iowa State game when injuries to Taylor (Martinez) and Zac (Lee) made me have to play quarterback and start that one."
There was talk that you got a concussion early on in the Iowa State game and played through it. Was that true?
"Yes it was true. That was a little secret I had to keep for the whole game."
Did you think you got a fair shake to win the starting quarterback spot at Nebraska?
"To be honest, I don't think I got as many quality chances as I could have had. It was just one of those things where I'd go in and make a mistake and get pulled. It was frustrating. Chances wise, not as much, no."
What is your relationship like with Taylor Martinez?
"Taylor just kind of keeps to himself most of the time. He's quiet and doesn't talk too much."
What specifically about the new offense's direction made you think your skill set would be better utilized elsewhere?
"It wasn't coach (Tim) Beck or the guys, it was more that the new offense was more simplistic. The offense is going to be more run and shoot like Kansas, and I think that I fit more of a pro type, West Coast offense that I came to Nebraska for.
"An offense that prepares you better for the NFL, the whole West Coast offense, timing style of passing is better suited for me. I had to make the decision of staying here or going somewhere that would better prepare me to get to the next level."
Did you work with a personal quarterback coach recently and what were the results?
"Yes, I have been working with one and the results have been there. I've loved working with him. He's helped me out tremendously. I'd rather not give his name, but he coached Randall Cunningham through college and the professional level, and he's put numerous guys into the NFL. He has some credentials on him. I've been working with him around six months now in Texas."
What type of offense are you hoping to play in?
"A pro style one, preferably the West Coast offense."
Who's interested in you and which colleges are you looking at?
"Right now, it's really in the beginning, feelers stage. I've talked to Tulsa, U of H, (Texas) A&M, K-State and Baylor. Mostly the guys who already I had a previous relationship with through high school. They were all right there the minute I declared I was going to leave."
Have you visited any schools yet?
"I made a visit to Kansas State this week and it went well. Coach (Bill) Snyder and those guys are a class act. When you have a legend like coach Snyder, everything feeds off of him. He's like coach (Tom) Osborne in that way. Their whole coaching staff are great guys to be around. I had a lot of fun.
"I'll probably be visiting Tulsa pretty soon too. I really would like to have my decision made and over with before the second session of summer school begins. I'd love to be enrolled and working with the guys before fall camp rolls around."
What has been the reaction of your Husker teammates to the news?
"They understand. I guess the decision to transfer was very hard because I wasn't sure how my close friends would take it, but they've all been very supportive. It's made my decision very much easier."
Have you talked to Bubba Starling recently, and if so what did you talk about?
"I did I actually call Bubba earlier in the week, and I just told him, 'Hey, don't read too much into what I'm doing. Don't let my decision in leaving affect you coming here or going into the Draft. You're a great athlete and the new offense will fit you perfectly.' I told him if he ever needs any questions answered I'm here to talk all day and night. I told him he can call me because I know how the process is. I said that my phone is open anytime."
You had a recent tweet that you just had one of the best birthdays of your life, could you elaborate on that?
"You know, it was just a little get together for dinner at the Texas Road House. There was, of course my roommate Ben Cotton, Jeremiah Sirles, Kyler Reed, Austin Jones, Marcus Mendoza, Cole Pensick and Jake Cotton. We had a real nice dinner together."
What will your memories of Nebraska be?
"I have some really great memories like my first spring game, just doing the Tunnel Walk and walking out and playing in front of 85 thousand fans at the spring game. I'll never forget my first start at home, my first start away at Baylor, and starting against OU. And, of course, the relationships with my friends and family I'll never forget, and I hope to keep them forever.
"The Nebraska fans have been so supportive of me on my Twitter account, my Facebook account, and just with people on the streets and people I know who've been telling me 'once a Husker always a Husker' and 'we're 100 percent behind you and will follow you wherever you go.' They've just been 100 percent all class and traditional Nebraska fans. I couldn't have asked for a better home away from home. It's helped make my decision easier to leave."
Do you want to say anything to the Husker fans?
"I would say 'thank you for everything.' You've been so supportive of me through thick and thin. You're truly the greatest fans in the nation, just like it says on Memorial Stadium. They take you in like family and make you feel needed and wanted like any man would want. I just want to say 'thank you for the memories and all you've done for me.'"