InsideNebraska - Class of 2023 wing Tyler Bey has taken flight in the past month
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Class of 2023 wing Tyler Bey has taken flight in the past month

Tyler Bey
Tyler Bey

Tyler Bey, a three-star wing in the 2023 class, made his debut in the latest Rivals150, coming in at No. 132. However, it’s starting to look like that wasn’t nearly high enough for the New Jersey native whose stock has been soaring over the last month or so. Bey recently discussed some of the schools in his recruitment with Rivals analyst Travis Graf.


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Kansas: “It’s more coach (Bill) Self trying to create a friendship, family relationship with me. He wants to make sure that I come in knowing my role and seeing how I’d fit in with the guys and stuff like that. Knowing that they just won a national championship I really listen and lock in to what he says.”

Miami: “They usually talk about me coming in and just being one of the top guys. They want me to come in ready as a freshman so that I could come in there for one year and get out. I really respect coach Jim Larrañaga for telling me to lock in for the one year, getting done what I need to get done, then get out of there for the next level.”

Houston: “Same thing on the family aspect, just like Kansas, they talk about how they have a foundation and how they treat their players with the same respect as the coaches.”

Washington State: “They really just preach to me about going in there for one year and winning everything that we can. They’re more on me playing position-less, coming in and just being one of the star guys.”

Nebraska: “They’re really in on me bringing energy to the team. If I do end up going there, they’re really just big on me being the leader and me being vocal, just fitting right into my spot. They have a lot of key guys leaving, but they also have a lot of key guys coming in, so basically just me fitting into what they have going on.”

Creighton: “Creighton is kind of the same thing in terms of me just coming in and being a leader, and fitting in to what they already have going in. They have a good guard coming in in Ben (Shtolzberg), and basically us being the top leaders on the floor, leading the team to the furthest we can go.”

Temple: “They’re very, very persistent on me just coming in and being a leader and one of the top scoring guys. They’re more focused on scoring and stuff like that because they have good defensive players coming in and players who are already leaders and vocal, so they’re big on me coming in and scoring.”

VCU: “VCU is more of a family-based school. They try to get me to just worry about what we do off the court way more. Nutrition, stuff like that, they just want to make sure I’m on top of myself with all of the things off of the court before on the court.”

Villanova: “They’re really big on family. Most of the schools that are recruiting me are about family because I always tell them that. The majority of me looking for a school is family-like in how they treat their players and how they get their players ready for the next level, and Villanova is really driven on how they get their players in and out.”

Decision timetable: “I should be making a decision a little bit after Peach Jam. So, like, late July.”

Visits: “I’m going to be taking some visits in July, a little bit at the end of June. I’m definitely going to be visiting Miami, definitely going to be visiting Houston and I’ll visit more schools that offer me through the EYBL.”


Sliding into the best situation that allows him to be on the fast track to professional basketball is clearly very important to Bey. It’ll be interesting to see if he decides that route is the blueblood route in Kansas, a ‘new blueblood’ school in Villanova or a different school that will allow him more offensive freedom.