HuskerOnline - Cavanaugh breaks down his 2017 offensive line class
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Cavanaugh breaks down his 2017 offensive line class

Nebraska offensive line coach Mike Cavanaugh gave his first public comments on his 2017 group of recruits.

In all, the Huskers signed four offensive linemen, as Cavanaugh give some thoughts on each signee this morning on the live recruiting show.

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Cavanaugh on Brenden Jaimes:

“He’s real athletic, he’s got great feet, he’s really good in space on screens and I just love his athletic ability. He’s a tough kid that likes to finish blocks. I think he’s the total package. He’s a good run blocker and he’s a good pass blocker. I think he’s a left tackle.”

Cavanaugh on Matt Sichterman:

“He’s a tenacious guy. He’s real athletic, fast twitch, uses his hands well, has power; I think he’s a versatile guy. He could be a tackle or he could be a guard. He’s a real smart, could even be a center. I just love his athletic ability and what he brings to us.

“He’s from a great football area, right in that Cincinnati area. They pride themselves on hard work, they are tough people, blue collar – that’s a real good get right there with Matt Sichterman.”

Cavanaugh on Broc Bando:

“Broc is a guy with great size. He’s probably going to be an inside guy, but we’d like to start him off as a tackle and see how he can handle it out there. He’s a hard worker with great size and a physical guy.”

Cavanaugh on Chris Walker:

“You talk about an impressive human being. (Walker) has height, he’s got a big body to him – this guy is serious. His approach to life is serious. He knows what he wants to do. Down the road he’d liked to be a Marine. The guy has a vision and he’ll work at that. He’s just a physical guy with quick twitch. I know he wants to play on the defensive line, but I’d love to have him as a tackle.”

Cavanaugh also gave a quick comment on some of last year's recruits and what their outlook will be for this spring.

“Boe Wilson is going to be competing for one of those guard spots, there’s no doubt in my mind,” Cavanaugh said. “John Raridon is going to be at center competing there like crazy. He’s got everything you are looking for in there. And then Matt Farniok we are still working with at right tackle. Those three guys have tremendous work ethics. They are great in the weight room and they just keep grinding and I’m looking forward to that.”