Boldts 2014 stacks up with best NU frosh campaigns

One of the major difference in the two seasons is Boldt's extended time in the leadoff spot, which gave him fewer RBI opportunities but more chances to score runs than Gordon. Boldt finished the season with more hits, runs and triples than Gordon did.
But Gordon isn't the only Nebraska freshman in recent memory to take college baseball by storm - there are a number of NU neophytes who have put up impressive numbers. Here's how Boldt's 2014 season stacks up with some of the top freshman campaigns of the past 15 years:
Boldt's numbers don't quite match those of some of the top freshman years in recent school history, but he's in the ballpark. And speaking of ballparks, some of these numbers were accumulated in the slightly-smaller dimensions of Buck Beltzer Stadium, Nebraska's home field until 2002. And the bats used by players have become significantly less lethal over the years. Boldt's power numbers would have jumped were he using the launchers wielded by Hopper and Gordon in the early 2000's.
And none of this takes into account Boldt's defense in center field, which ranged from solid to spectacular. There aren't many reliable defensive statistics outside of errors (which obviously vary greatly between infielders and outfielders), but it would be hard for many of the other guys to have the same defensive impact Boldt had in center.
With at least another two seasons in Lincoln, Boldt has plenty of growth left. According to coaches and teammates, he has the work ethic to fulfill his promise. While there is no guarantee that he'll match the career of Gordon or some of his other contemporaries, Boldt is certainly well on his way.