Ash impressed with return trip to NU

Keller (Texas) offensive lineman Nick Ash just can't get enough of Nebraska on game day. The 6-foot-5, 260-pound Husker commit traveled to Lincoln over the weekend to watch his fourth game of the season in Memorial Stadium. According to Ash, as with all of his previous trips to NU, the game atmosphere on Saturday was special.
"It was my fourth game at Nebraska," Ash said, "but it was up there as being one of the best. In the games against Virginia Tech and Missouri, the team lost. This time, with the win against Kansas, there was a different morale with the players and coaches. It was real nice."
"I really like the fans at Nebraska. You walk through the tunnel and they are screaming at you and welcoming you to Nebraska, even though you're not there yet. They really love their football."
Ash said , though he's experienced other big-time college football atmospheres over the past couple of seasons, football in Lincoln is unique.
"Last year, I went to games at Texas A&M, Oklahoma and TCU," Ash said. "Nebraska is definitely unique."
"I guess Texas A&M is somewhat similar, but at Nebraska it seems like they love their team even more. Even if the season isn't going as good as the fans would want, there is still going to be 85,000 people in the seats each and every week. On third downs, the entire stadium gets loud and rises to the occasion. I haven't seen that at the same level anyplace else."
Keller's season ended on a coin flip late last week, after a 7-3 final record. Ash said, all in all, it was a good senior campaign.
"There was a three-way tie for third and fourth place in our district and only two could go to the playoffs," Ash said. "We flipped a coin and we were the odd men out."
"It was a good season though. I switched to offensive tackle this season after playing guard last year. I think it went well. I'd like to hear what others say."
It may not be until next summer before the Nebraska coaches determine exactly where Ash will line up on the offensive line.
"That's up-in-the-air," Ash said. "I could end up at tackle or guard or even center. I depends on how things look when I get up there. I know the (Nebraska) coaches say they like my mobility and want to use those skills to pull and do some of those things they used to do a lot in Lincoln."
"Since it was an early game this week, I wasn't able to sit down and talk as much with the coaches yesterday. I know they are really excited to get us all up there to start running their program and see what we can do."
Though he wasn't able to spend much time with the NU coaches, Ash said he did spent quite a bit of time talking to the other recruits that were in Lincoln for the game. He said they all seemed to be impressed with the Nebraska football experience.
"I know a lot of those guys pretty good already," Ash said. "As far as the new visitors, they all seemed to having a great time. I know I talked to Earnest Norman of Euless Trinity and he said 'he loved it'."