Andre Brown continues to roll up the yards

Greenville (N.C.) Rose has had the advantage to have had their star running back Andre Brown over the past three games. The No. 12 ranked running back in the nation has rolled up almost 1,000 yards in those three games. "I had four touchdowns and 310 yards on like 18 carries," he said about his performance in his team's victory lasy evening.
"Last week (Oct. 3), I had 300 yards and six touchdowns," the 6-foot-1, 215-pound Brown said. "The game before that I had 350 yards and four touchdowns." That is 960 yards in three games - a remarkable statistic.
To his recruiting:
"I took one (official) to Virginia," he said. "I had a good time. I would give it an eight (on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest). Now I have something to compare it to."
He denies a leader right now, but his five finalists are Virginia, Nebraska, North Carolina State, Miami and Tennessee.
"North Carolina State is my next visit - Dec. 5." That visit might have to be reset, if his team keeps piling up the wins. They are now ranked No. 5 in the state and their record is 7-1 right now. The championship game is "like Dec. 15", if they make it that far.
Is there a chance of commitment before he completes his other three visits?
"Probably not."
His official visit to Nebraska could be in December or it might have to wait until January.
"Coach Albin (Nebraska) said maybe late December. I might take some in January."
At one time he had the Huskers right at the top and now....
"I still do like Nebraska."
Andre Brown now has approximately 1,800 yards in eight games (225 yards per game average) and a yards per carry average well in excess of 10 yards.
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