Alonzo Moore is commit No. 16, future corner

Four-star Winnfield, La., athlete Alonzo Moore kept things at least a little suspenseful to the end.
The do-it-all 2A MVP announced at a ceremony at his high school that he was choosing the Huskers. Moore sad that he let the coaches know at Nebraska several weeks ago but it was really Tuesday night when he made it final in his mind.
"That's where my heart is and where I always wanted to go and play," Moore said about the Huskers since the process began with the Big Ten program. "I just can't wait to spend my next four years there and go to school there."

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Moore says he believes his career will start off at cornerback.
"I think I can be a great corner," Moore said. "Wherever it is, I'll put the work ethic in and contribute to the team."
Winnfield coach Andy Pyles got to see plenty of exciting plays from Moore over the last several years. He points to his sophomore year when things really blossomed for the talented athlete and got through the "growing pains" of being a better player.
"They're getting a guy who is unselfish, willing to do whatever he has to do to help out the team and that's one of his best qualities," Pyles said about Moore. "He's a great kid and I've watched him from middle school to high school, turn into a young man."
Moore has yet to qualify academically, but Pyles says that he believes that he'll get what he needs to get done.
"I think he's going to make it," Pyles said. "He's not that far off from either one, from what we've done and all. I think he's going to end up qualifying."
The 6-2, 170-pound Winnfield star played all over the field for his team who made it to a state title appearance in December.
He was named MVP and a first-team all-state selection last season.