WDE Justin Mincey really open-minded

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Weakside defensive lineman Justin Mincey, who is the 6-foot-5, 240-pounder from Folkston (Ga.) Charlton County, is now up to 14 scholarship offers. He named those 14 Division I in this order: “Miami, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Notre Dame, LSU, UCLA, USC, Alabama, Virginia, Michigan, Oklahoma, Clemson and Nebraska.” Does this top-notch defensive lineman have his list narrowed down definitely?
Justin Mincey described his current undecided circumstances in the following manner:
“I’m like an open book.” Other words, he is still very much open-minded.
However, his major in college could be favoring one particular Florida school. “I want to major in Marine Biology,” Mincey said. “Miami has one. I haven’t checked with Florida yet.”
When asked to name his top five schools right now - subject to change - he said, “Florida, Miami, Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee.”
Per Justin Mincey, the closest school to his home is Florida (one hour, 20 minutes) and Georgia is the next closest for him - five hours away, but we asked him if distance is an issue.
“Not really,” he said in reference to a possible distance issue. And “it is my decision.”
He gave us the following brief comments on some of his top schools:
Florida: “I made one visit there. I went there like a month ago.” He gave a one word answer to what stood out about the University of Florida - “Atmosphere”.
Miami: “I know it is a good school, but I haven’t taken a visit there yet.” Again, their advantage could be having his prospective major.
Georgia: “I might go there for one of their games.”
Alabama: A coach from Alabama seems to have made the best impression to date. “I talked to one of their coaches. He told me right up front (what was important) - education. He is talking about education and not just football.”
Tennessee: “I really didn’t think too much about Tennessee (yet). I just want to take a visit there. Tennessee is a good school.”
The Nebraska Cornhuskers are in the same position as the other nine schools that have offered him - not out of the picture quite yet. He made a point that different schools could be scheduled for official visits.
“It is really a good school,” he said about Nebraska. “I'm looking at them, but I’m not into them yet. But I have it in my heart I would rather go to Nebraska (for a visit).”
One last thing that he mentioned that he will be considering from each school that has offered him: “The percentage of the graduation rate from each school.”
Previous Justin Mincey Audibles: "I really like a fast pace on defense and everybody’s pursuing to the ball. I like using my hands in everything I do. I’m just good with my hands. I think I’ll probably get about 6-foot-7. Hopefully, I'll be 275 pounds, but my goal is to get to about 290 or 300 with a whole lot of speed."
Huskers Illustrated will continue to keep you informed on Justin Mincey’s recruitment by these fine universities.
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