Here are some quick takes and reactions following Tuesday's post-practice Nebraska football media session.
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Tuesday takes: Corcoran will get his shot at left tackle, signing and more

Here are some quick takes and reactions following Tuesday's post-practice Nebraska football media session as the Huskers get ready to travel out to Rutgers.

Freshman Nebraska offensive lineman Turneer Corcoran.
Freshman Nebraska offensive lineman Turneer Corcoran. (Nick Lucero/

Corcoran will get his shot at left tackle

Four years ago Brenden Jaimes stepped into a starting tackle job as a true freshman, and now Turner Corcoran will do the same thing on Friday at Rutgers.

The Huskers will start the former Rivals100 Corcoran at left tackle vs. Rutgers, with redshirt freshman Brant Banks also in the mix.

I think this is the decision that makes the most sense. Corcoran is the highest-ranked offensive line recruit the Huskers have signed in years, and if he truly is the future next season, this is a perfect opportunity for him to step into.

On the season Corcoran has played just 18 snaps in two games.

New game time means even colder weather conditions 

18 inches of snow, a Dec. 18 night game and temps under 20 degrees. This is what the Huskers will be walking into on Friday at Rutgers, as a major snowstorm is moving over the northeast on Wednesday and Thursday bringing well over a foot of snow with it.

That begs the question about NU's offense. What changes will they make to play in colder conditions?

The snow won't be falling by Friday night anymore, but it will be the coldest game the Huskers have played in since 2018 when Memorial Stadium saw its two coldest games in well over 25 years vs. Illinois and Michigan State.

Pregame warm-ups will be big, just to make sure the wind or anything else won't play a factor with Nebraska's offense.

Defensive coordinator Erik Chinander.
Defensive coordinator Erik Chinander. (Nate Clouse)

The reality of Wednesday's signing day 

Here's the reality. Wednesday's signing day is the least hyped one we've seen in the internet era.

Blame it all on 2020. Gone are in-home visits, on-campus visits and other things we are used to seeing over the month of December.

As Erik Chinander said, most teams are getting married to a prospect with only really being able to meet them and talk on Zoom.

Mark my word, 2020's recruiting class nationwide will be tracked like no other. Odds are we are going to see lots of movement after the fact with this group because in all reality some of these schools nationally don't even know the kids they are signing.

Another thing that will be different is you just aren't going to see the same level of excitement with announcements built around school assemblies. All of it tomorrow is going to have a different feel.

Collin Miller "probably" won't be pursuing another year 

Nebraska senior linebacker Collin Miller talked to reporters for the first time since suffering a season-ending spinal injury vs. Illinois

Miller said on Tuesday that doctors have advised him that it probably wouldn't be in his best interest to come back another season.

I don't think anybody can blame Miller one bit. We've never seen a Husker player carried off the field like Miller, and that should get anybody's attention.

I'm sure Miller feels very fortunate he's come out of that situation, as at the time it was awfully scary. Hopefully, Miller can still have some sort of involvement with Nebraska football going forward. He defines everything you want in a Husker.