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Recruiting ends where it began for Ty Robinson, with Huskers in front

Ty Robinson's signing caps off a big early signing day for the Huskers.
Ty Robinson's signing caps off a big early signing day for the Huskers.

It was a long recruiting process for Gilbert (Ariz.) Higley defensive end Ty Robinson, but for all the visits he took - unofficial and official - and all the prominent coaches' pitches he entertained, things ended up pretty much where they began.

"You know, Nebraska was kind of the offer I always wanted since the beginning, a year ago, basically, from today," Robinson explained. "They kind of started their recruiting process and they have always kind of been the lead-runner.

"As I went on these visits and got to talk to the coaches a little more, it varied. And then, after my official visit to Nebraska, it really set things in stone. I just needed to see the last visit, which was Alabama. Then it came down to me thinking about things between Oregon and Nebraska, and the last in-home visit with them put Nebraska over the edge and made me really decide to want to go there."

The Rivals250 designee hosted coaches from USC, Alabama, Oregon and Nebraska last week before coming to his final conclusion of where he would be attending college. Nebraska had requested to have his very last in-home visit prior to the end of the NCAA evaluation period, and Robinson agreed to it.

"They were the ones who requested it, actually, and I was totally OK with it because they were the first ones to request in-home visits, so I gave them that slot," Robinson shared. "I guess they used it to their advantage.

"It really came down to Oregon and Nebraska, and what stood out to me about Oregon was the family aspect of it and how they really took care of each other; and just how they go about things and what they're going to do over the next upcoming years.

"Now, it was the same with Nebraska. They brought all of their coaches [to my house] and basically shut down recruiting nationally just to come and see me, which I thought was awesome! It was amazing! Just getting to talk with them in my home environment, I really felt like that was the place for me."

Robinson added it was the similar feeling he got in Lincoln while being around the Husker coaches, players and recruits. It was at his last home visit with the entire Cornhusker coaching staff that he informed Coach Scott Frost that he was committing to Nebraska and would be signing with them today.

"Yes, I did it when they were here last Thursday," Robinson stated. "You know, I could tell if meant a lot to them when I could make the head coach almost cry and choke up when I told him I wanted to come to his school. They were just kind of shocked and really surprised because I like to keep 'a poker face,' as they say.

"I'm really good at hiding my emotions about everything, so they popped up and were really excited when I told them. And then, I went in and told my family and the rest of the coaches and, let me tell you, that was a sight to see! Everyone started cheering and hollering and giving me hugs. They were telling me, 'congrats' and they were so excited they pulled out an example of their national letter of intent to show me what it was going to be like."

After the Nebraska coaches and his family learned of Robinson's intention to sign with the Cornhuskers, the rest of the evening was spent relaxing and watching the Kansas City Chiefs football game that was on television, as well as the Nebraska vs. Illinois national semifinal volleyball game.

"Yes, we did watch [the Husker volleyball game] together and we were really pumped to see that they won," Robinson recalled. "We were rooting for them and, with me being a new Cornhusker and all, I was really getting behind that. It was sad to see that they lost to Stanford in the finals."

His family connections to the state of Nebraska, somewhat gave the Husker coaching staff an ace in the hole with him, according to Robinson.

"Yeah, just my family connections to the state and all the good things I have heard when the rumors started about how Scott Frost was going to be there," Robinson said. "That really intrigued me as well. And also, those Nebraska fans always recruit, recruit, recruit! Even when the coaches aren't.

"It's also kind of a little bragging right when I go up there to see my family that I can go to Nebraska or whatever. So, that was a good thing as well."

If Scott Frost were not the head coach at the University of Nebraska, Ty Robinson would not be attending college there either, nor would he have committed to play for the Cornhuskers.

"Correct," Robinson said emphatically.

Yet another big selling point for Robinson was the Husker Power program led by Zach Duval.

"I really liked their strength and conditioning program over there," Robinson stated. "I'm going to be used on the defensive line, and kind of play the whole defensive line, which is really nice. I will be a three-down lineman: on first and second down, I will be on the outside; and when we get to the third down pass rush, I will move inside and get a one-on-one mismatch."

Now that he is signed, sealed and delivered to the Nebraska football program, he will be representing the Huskers in the All-American Bowl Presented by American Family Insurance on San Antonio, Texas. The game will be carried live on NBC at noon on Saturday, January 5, 2019.

His fellow Class of 2018 signees and future teammates in Lincoln, Wandale Robinson and Bryce Benhart, will also be participating in the game.Ty Robinson is one of four finalists for the defensive player of the year award at the event, and Wandale Robinson is one of the four finalists for the offensive player of the year award.