Starling taking summer classes at NU

Contrary to a report last week, Nebraska quarterback recruit and Kansas City Royals first-round draft pick Bubba Starling is enrolled in classes at NU for the second five-week session. confirmed with the University of Nebraska Registrar's office that Starling is taking six credit hours during the second five-week session, which began on Monday.
Starling is currently enrolled in a three credit hour English and a three credit hour Nutrition course.
There was some speculation that if Starling enrolled in classes at Nebraska it would officially start his eligibility clock, but has confirmed that since Starling is not a "full-time" student his clock does not start.
In order to be a full-time student in the summer you must take nine credit hours during a five-week session.
One of the benefits of being enrolled in summer school for the second five-week session is it allows Starling to receive free room and board from NU as long as he's taking classes.
The second five-week session ends on Aug. 11, and the deadline for Starling to sign with the Kansas City Royals is Aug. 15. The Huskers will officially open up fall camp on Aug. 6.
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