Postin Up with Caleb Walker

With Nebraska back in the full swing of the Big 12 season, it's time to break out our everyone's favorite Husker basketball Q&A segment, Postin' Up. To kick things off we sat down with newcomer guard Caleb Walker, who has established himself as a fixture in NU's lineup the past 16 games.
Walker talks about his first Big 12 experiences this week, his favorite pre-game music and which teammate he would most want by his side while on a date with some ladies.
HI: You've had a pretty good start to you're Big 12 career the past two games. How important was it for you to play well in your conference debut?
CW: "I have to play well at this level and do it night in and night out. So I think it's been good for me to get out to a good start for these two big road games."
HI: When you first came to Nebraska, were there any players or teams you especially looked forward to playing against?
CW: "Not too much. I mean, there are a lot of good guys in this league, so I can't really just say one. There are different kinds of players and what they do, so I'm not just looking forward to playing one guy. I'm just excited to go up against all kinds of players and all kinds of teams."
HI: You're from Hutchinson, Kan., and played at Butler (Kan.) Community College before coming to NU. Does Saturday's game at Kansas mean a little something more to you than the other games on the schedule?
CW: "Not too much. It's just like another game that you have to go in and play. It is different experience to have some friends and family there, but in reality you have to go in there and play like another basketball game. Really it's just another game and you have to stay focused."
HI: Were you a Jayhawk fan growing up?
CW: "Yeah, somewhat. A little bit. I was kind of a mixture between KU and Missouri because I grew up in Kansas City, Mo., and moved to Kansas to go to a better school. So it was kind of mixture of both."
HI: What's one song you always listen to that gets you in the zone before a game?
CW: "I'd have to say 'Lay It Down' by Lloyd, and also Rick Ross, 'Maybach Music'. Those are really the only two I listen to before every game."
HI: Okay, last question. This is a good one. Say you're going on a date with a girl, and she tells you at the last minute she wants to bring a friend along. Who's the one guy on the team you'd want to bring with you to be your wingman?
CW: "My wingman? (Laughs) Oh man. There's two guys that I would take to be my wingman. I'd have to say it'd either be Bear (Eshaunte Jones) or Lance (Jeter). I would've picked Ray (Gallegos), but Ray, he's bottled up right now, so it's got to be either Bear or Lance as my two wingmen. Those are my two wingmen anyway, so it'd be one of those two."
HI: Why those two?
CW: "I know that they're going to do what they need to do to have my alone time with her and then they can take the other girl away. You know, I'm not even going to get into it. (Laughs). But those two I would say are going to be my best wingmen, I can say that right now. I've been in that situation, and those are my two best wingmen."