Nebraska Huskers football: Head coach Scott Frost discusses NU's road loss to Purdue
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Points after: Frost talks Purdue loss

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - Here’s a quick recap of what Nebraska head coach Scott Frost had to say following the Huskers' 31-27 loss at Purdue on Saturday...

***Frost said the Huskers "had a long talk" after the game and the message was that "we all need to get better" as coaches and players. He said the only way he knows how to move forward was to continue to work hard and practice hard, but he admitted this loss was as tough to swallow as any.

"The guys are hurting right now," Frost said.

***Frost said Nebraska obviously made way too many mistakes and should have been up by a lot more than they were with the way the game started. He said there were errors made across the board, including some that have plagued the team all season.

“We gave too many chances away, and that's on all of us to try and figure out how not to do that..." Frost said. "Sooner or later that stuff has to stop."

***Frost said he thought Adrian Martinez "did some good things" in his first start back from injury but "certainly missed some things" in the loss.

***Frost said not scoring a touchdown after Darrion Daniels' interception in the first quarter was a perfect example of one of the many instances where Nebraska failed to capitalize on golden opportunities.

Frost said there was a missed block on the first down shovel pass that ruined the play. On second down, Frost said Martinez had to get rid of the ball and not take a sack there. The play call was an RPO that Martinez either needed to hand off or throw the ball away, Frost said.

"The coaches and I have to do a lot better job of continuing to put our guys into the best possible situations that we can," Frost said. "So we need to get better."

***Frost said Cam Taylor-Britt didn't play because he'd been "really sick" all week. Frost said Taylor-Britt was one of several players who had been ill this week, but he was the only player who was sick enough to not travel to Purdue.

***Frost said this was one of many games he'd been a part of already at Nebraska where "if we make one more play we win the game." He said there hadn't been a game this season where all three phases played well for four quarters.

"That's on the coaches, that's on me, that's on the players; it's everybody," Frost said. "These are games we should win."

***Frost said Wan'Dale Robinson said he was healthy enough to play on the final drive of the game, "but the trainer said he wasn't."

***Frost was asked if he had any worries over keeping the locker room together for the rest of the season.

"The core of our team and the vast majority of our team plays for each other and they play for their brothers, and I don't think we'll have any trouble keeping the team together," Frost said.

"If we have one or two, then we have one or two. I came back to Nebraska to get this fixed, and I'm going to do it, regardless of what has to happen. If there's anybody that doesn't need to be here to make that happen, then that's the way it has to be. I hope every single one of them stays on board and does what we need to do. But we're going to get it there. I won't let anything else happen."