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Getting to know RB coach Reggie Davis

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New Nebraska head coach Mike Riley's coaching staff is nearly complete - the receivers coach is the only spot left to fill - and the new hires met with the media for the first time this past Thursday afternoon. spoke with all eight NU assistants and will be running the interviews to help fans get familiar with their new coaches.
Today we get to know new running backs coach Reggie Davis, who comes to NU after coaching the last few seasons under new Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh with the San Francisco 49ers. Before that Davis worked under Riley at Oregon State.
How much did you know about Nebraska before you took this job?
"I knew a little something. I was able to get recruited here a while back. That was when Ahman Green was here. I got a chance to do a little bit of research on Nebraska at that time to see if it was a place I wanted to spend my college time. I know it's been a great program for a long time."
How much pride do you take in leading a position that has had such a long line of success here?
"That's always the nice thing to be able to step into a situation like this. Personally I always try to come into it with a certain amount of pride, because how I do is going to be displayed on that field. You always want to remember that as a coach, so you are always trying to impart all you can in those players. Not to diminish the history, but as a coach you want to go in and teach, make the players better and go from there. I'm sure that's what the guys did ahead of me. They were just trying to coach. They just wanted to be good ball coaches and that's what they wanted to do - get the most out of their players. That's what I'm going to do."
What is your approach to coaching running backs?
"Always remember guys want to be treated with respect. You heard Coach Riley say it, and as a player that is how I was and I believe that to be very true. Treat them with respect and teach the guys how can you make them better. My mom was a second grade teacher for a long time, along with an elementary principal, and that was always the big thing with her. If the kids don't get it, that's your fault. You have to find a way to teach them and make sure they get it, and that's the approach I take."
You got to coach with Jim Harbaugh the last few years. What's he like?
"What's he like? (laughter) Coach Harbaugh is a great guy. He's passionate about winning and about football. He loves it like most people don't. He really truly loves football. He loves the smell of the grass he likes to say. He just likes being out there and being with the players and he truly loves that whole experience of football and he's a great competitor. It was great to work with him."
Did you have the opportunity to go to Michigan with him when he got that job, or did you know all along you wanted to follow Coach Riley here to Nebraska?
"That was a decision we had to make. That was a decision we had to make. We are here now and we are happy to be here."
What drew you then to Nebraska to work with Coach Riley?
"Just the chance to work with a man that treats you like Mike Riley does and that I know he's going to treat the players like Mike Riley does. I'm just glad to be here and when he asked me to come, I was glad to be able to say yes."
Why come back to college after some NFL years?
"Some of it was opportunity, some of it was timing. I enjoy working with you men in this stage of their lives, so that was part of the decision. Mike Riley was a big part of that, as well as other guys on this staff. Also to be here at the University of Nebraska was big part of it as well. You learn in this profession to never say never. I enjoyed my time in the NFL. It was a great time and great learning, but it was just a decision that we made."
What are your recruiting areas of expertise where you've had some success?
"In the past I've pretty much been on the West Coast and in the Houston area. In California I pretty much recruited San Diego all the way up to the Bay area. I've also been in Arizona, Nevada and then the Houston area."
There's a notion out there it's hard to recruit guys to Nebraska. What's your response to that?
"It was hard to recruit to Oregon State, but we did it. Every place has its pros and cons, but having been here a little bit there are a lot of pros - a lot of pros. I think everything has to do with how you look at it. Perspective has a lot to do with the decisions that you make. I think there are a ton of things that would attract a young man to come to the University of Nebraska. I'm not going to say it's going to be easy, but there's plenty here to attract a young man."
What do you know about the guys you inherit?
"I know we have good players here. I got to see some of them in the Holiday Bowl and I got to look at some game film. I'll look at that more closely when the time comes, but I'm sure we'll have plenty to work with."
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