October 7, 2009

Current excited for trip to home state

MADISON, Wis. - For Jake Current, Saturday's game at the Horseshoe will also serve as a homecoming of sorts. As an Ohio native, Current will be able to play in his home state since the first time he arrived on the UW campus.

Leading into Saturday's game, BadgerBlitz.com caught up with the sophomore center. The following is a question and answer with Current.

Well, this has got to be an exciting game for you?

Current: I mean, yeah, it's going to be exciting to go back home. I've got a lot of friends and a lot of family in the Columbus area. But I mean, it's just another game on our way. We're just trying to have a good season and hopefully Big Ten champs and see If we keep this undefeated record going.

You're trying to play the modest role here, but is it exciting that you guys are 2-0 and they're 2-0 when you're trying for a Big Ten title…

Current: We're just taking it one game at a time, but that is the final goal to take that ring away from you. They've been handed that the last couple of years and we'd like to take it away from them and change it up a little bit.

So how many of your family members are going to be in attendance?

Current: As of right now, I have 16 tickets I believe. So I'm going to have pretty much my whole family there, my immediate family, grandparents, aunts and uncles.

Do they get to come out here very often?

Current: My dad and grandpa come to a lot of games. My mom and sisters don't make it a lot because my sisters are involved in volleyball and everything they're doing. But my dad and my grandpa, they try to make it up just about every game.

Just talk about you personally, are you happy with the way you've been progressing so far this year and through last year too?

Current: I had the injury right there before the bowl game and I'm trying to get back from that and get 100 percent. But yeah, I've noticed that I've been getting better every week and just learning the offense and that whole thing. Hopefully going into spring ball I can compete a little more for a starting role.

What was your injury again?
Current: I dislocated my patella and I had some cartilage damage in there so I decided to go and get that scoped out and that whole thing. There's still a little pain and inflammation.

Do you feel like you have the trust back into it?

Current: Yeah, for the most part. It gets fatigued now and then, but I feel like I can do pretty much everything that I could before.

The other thing that I was wanting to talk about was the recruiting process. Was Ohio State ever in on that?

Current: Yeah, a little bit. I always seemed to be the back up player for them after all those high profile guys they got out there. So yeah, if they didn't fall through they said they were going to come after me. That didn't really work out. But I ended up here and I like it here a lot. There's good academics, good football and it's a good place to be.

You get the chance to play in the Horseshoe anyway. That's got to be something you look forward to.

Current: Oh yeah. It will be fun to go into the shoe. It's a place where I've been before as a fan. Now I get to go in as the enemy and hopefully kick some butt a little bit.

Just from an offensive line perspective, when you watch film and you see the things that Scott Tolzien does, are you impressed with him?

Current: Yeah, Scott, he just really came out of nowhere. No one really picked him to be the guy and he's really stepped up and he's really showing his true colors. He's a damn good leader and he's putting the ball on the money. He's making a lot of good decisions. He's a good quarterback.

When you see him leading the Big Ten in pass efficiency rating…do you guys take stock in that too because you are giving him the time?

Current: Yeah, that's a good reflection on us as far as protection and keeping people off of them and keeping people out of his face. I mean that's one thing for sure that this offensive line has gotten a lot better at pass protection as compared to last year. That's something that coach has really focused on. We've put in a lot of extra work on that with just the footwork and that whole thing and when we're watching film and all that.

If I would have told you back in fall camp that there was going to be so much movement on the offensive line that you guys would only give up two sacks through five games, would you have ever believed that?

Current: No, probably not. Coming from where we were last year, I felt like that was our weakness, but I mean, really, looking at it right now that's probably really our strength. We're still trying to develop our run game I feel like, but over the last couple weeks, we've really done it. John Clay being Big Ten player of the week last week with well over 100 yards, it looks like we're getting that duel threat.

How much momentum do you guys have going? You're the No. 1 ranked offense, you score 35 points per game in the Big Ten. Now you're going against the No. 1 defense in the Big Ten.

Current: It's going to be a battle. A battle of the titans, the best offense versus the best defense. We're going to get out there and compete. We've been looking forward to this game all year and we're going to work hard this week. Hopefully we show up and we get the job done.

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