August 20, 2009

Geathers always knew he would get to Georgia

There's an old wives' tale that state's "a watched pot never boils."

Kwame Geathers knows exactly what that means.

For three weeks, the freshman defensive tackle hung right by the phone, waiting for that one telephone call to let him know that the NCAA Clearinghouse had given him the OK to begin his college career with the Bulldogs.

It got so bad he jumped every time the phone rang.

"It was a little bit like that," Geathers said. "I would be home and my grandma would call and I'd be like 'Man, I was hoping that was Georgia.'"

Finally, the call he was hoping for came through and Geathers' was on his way to Athens.

"It was just a big relief," Geathers said. "I was just sitting at home waiting for the call to say 'Come on.' I was tired of sitting at home trying to work out. I was tired of just sitting there."

The Bulldogs didn't waste any time getting Geathers on the field.

After arriving on Aug. 6, Geathers was on the field the following day. That experience in itself certainly proved a shock to his system.

"The first couple of weeks were hard, coming in, seeing all the other guys in great shape," Geathers said. "I was back at home trying to stay in shape but I found out you can't prepare for a college workout that way. It's a different level, but I'll just keep doing my best and keep going."

It didn't take position coach Rodney Garner long to throw Geathers into the scrum.

Much to his surprise, Geathers was allowed to scrimmage Saturday night at Sanford Stadium and actually was credited with half a sack.

"I was surprised because I'm still trying to learn the plays," Geathers said. "But I got in there and tried to make some stuff happen."

Geathers laughed when asked if Garner was giving him any leeway considering he arrived on campus late.

"He expects me to know all the plays right now," Geathers said. "He looks at me like he looks at the rest of the seniors. He wants me to be the best, and the best have to come in, learn and do it real fast."

Not one to offer extensive praise to freshmen, Garner admitted that Geathers opened the eyes of at least one Georgia assistant Saturday.

"(Stacy) Searels was shocked, he didn't think he (Geathers) was as quick as he was," Garner said. "Of course he goes down real quick because he's still got to get in shape, but he does have some ability."

Geathers rotated with the twos at defensive tackle, along with senior Brandon Wheeling and fellow Abry Jones.

"I'm very impressed with Abry. I don't know if it's because I came in late, but he's got all the plays down pat already and is just the kind of player Coach Garner wants," Geathers said. "I admire him for it."

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