August 19, 2009

Cox versatility a key to Jacketsí offense

One of the biggest utility players head coach Paul Johnson has for his Georgia Tech triple option offense is A-back Lucas Cox. Cox has a variety of skills and gives them added depth at B-back where he takes an occasional snap. Whether it is blocking, catching a pass, or running, the 235-pound back is comfortable doing whatever the coaching staff asks.

"Being a veteran helps because I understand the offense a lot better than I did coming out and becoming an A-back halfway through camp like I did last year. I have a better understanding of things assignment wise, so I should be a lot better," Cox said. "I play a little bit of B-back still just in case they go down because we still need depth there I still get looks at both positions."

Overall, Cox has been pleased with the effort and the energy of practice.

"Things are going well and camp has been a little hot this year, but we are doing a lot of work and I think everybody feels good going into the season," Cox said.

Cox ran for 200 yards and three touchdowns while starting in all 13 games last season at A-back for the Jackets. The rotation at A-back is pretty stack and Cox plans to be one of the best, so he can ensure his role in the offense.

"We have plenty of talent out there and we need to get the best guys on the field," he said. "If it gets any better we will have a knockout with three backs in the backfield.

While some of the A-backs are faster or have better hands, Cox feels like he fits well into the offense. Cox says after watching the offense develops over the last year, they appear to be improving significantly each day.

"I know a lot better what I am supposed to do on specific assignments and the different calls and audibles during the game," Cox said. "I think the offense is a lot better and I think from the first game of last season to the last game, the offense was much improved. Hopefully we will keep on rolling and going like we are right now."

Cox has been rotating in and out of the first unit of A-backs along with Anthony Allen, Marcus Wright and Embry Peeples.

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