August 16, 2009

Appleton solid through first week of camp

MADISON, Wis. - Throughout the first week of Wisconsin fall camp, one of the names consistently heard was that of freshman Kraig Appleton. As one of the most prized recruits in the 2009 class, Appleton came to Madison with plenty of potential.

During UW's annual media day, caught up with the four-star recruit from East St. Louis. The following is a question and answer with Appleton.

First week of camp, how did it go for you? I heard you tweaked your hamstring a little bit?

Appleton: Yeah, I tweaked my hamstring. The trainers are doing a very good job with me rehabbing. The first week of camp was actually pretty good. I made a lot of good impressions on the coaches and it went pretty well for the first week of camp.

What are you hoping for this year? Are you hoping to make an immediate impact?

Appleton: Yeah I'm hoping to make an immediate impact. Hopefully we'll win another Big Ten championship. I just want to get on the field and show the guys what I can do. Just be a difference maker on the team.

I don't want to talk about it too much, but your recruiting process was kind of all over the place. What drew you here in the end?

Appleton: The coaches. They were real supportive and they showed very high interest in me. As I got up here in early June, the players were real supportive, the upperclassmen took me in and showed me the do's and don'ts around the city of Madison. They showed me how to product myself, which I already knew how to product myself, but they showed me more ways to product myself around people. So I just took that into consideration.

Just talk about the wide receivers. Has anybody impressed you so far?

Appleton: Yeah, actually all of the wide receivers do. When I get a little confused sometimes, different guys show me or tell me what I'm supposed to do. Then I just have to lock that in and remember.

Do you think they are impressed with you?

Appleton: Yeah, I think they're impressed with me. When I tweaked my hamstring they showed some interest in me being hurt.

It's not serious, the injury?

Appleton: No, hopefully I'll be back this week. It's just a slight strain. I think I might have pulled it but they're not really saying how long I might be out. Hopefully I'll be back this week.

How would you classify your game?

Appleton: I'd classify my game as very humble and just hard work. Hard work pays off and you just practice and play hard. How you practice is how you play.

I hear last night at ten o'clock there was a freshmen dance off?

Appleton: Yeah, unfortunately I wasn't in the dance off because of my hamstring.

You would have won though.

Appleton: (Laughing) Yeah, I would have won. I was in the training room and they were kind of rehabbing so I kind of had to miss the freshman dance off.

Do you have some good moves?

Appleton: Yeah, I do.

Other than football, what's your favorite sport?

Appleton: I'd have to say track. Coming from my high school, I was a two-time defending state champion at 300 meter hurdles. In 2008-2009, we were state champions.

Have you thought about getting on the track team here at all?

Appleton: Yeah, Nick Toon and Kyle Jefferson have been talking to me. They've been wanting me to come out and run track and field for the University of Wisconsin.

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