August 10, 2009

McCabe can't wait to get to Iowa

While Zach McCabe didn't get to spend a lot of time at Iowa's Elite Camp last week, the 2010 Hawkeye commit came to town early to visit with some of his future teammates. McCabe talks about the Class of 2010 commits getting together for the first time on Iowa's campus, his excitement and wanting to get on campus, and he talks about his upcoming football season as the quarterback at Sioux City Heelan.

Q: Talk about the Iowa camp experience.

McCABE: It was pretty cool. I had fun there and got to hang out with Brennan (Cougill) and he showed me around campus. That was a lot of fun.

Q: You came in a day early, did that allow you to get a better feel for campus and the how the program works day to day?

McCABE: Yeah, it gave me a better idea about college life and what it was like at Iowa. My other experiences have been more around football games and things like that. I had a lot of fun hanging with the guys.

Q: What about the camp itself? What was that like?

McCABE: It was fun playing with some of the guys like Cody Larson. We had a lot of fun playing games and learning.

Q: The camp allowed you to spend a little time with the guys you will be coming in with. You already knew Cody a little bit and met Ben Brust in Chicago. During the camp you got to meet Roy Marble Jr. What was it like getting together with all those guys?

McCABE: It was pretty cool to be with all those guys on campus. We talked quite a bit while I was there and got to know each other a little better. We all have the same type of mentality about coming in and helping bring the program back to the top.

Q: After the camp, all those guys said that they were ready to be on campus now and play for the Hawkeyes. Did you have that same feeling?

McCABE: Yeah I did. We all want to be there right now to start helping the team win games. Not that you want to move on right now, but you want to help out in any way that you can. We are all so comfortable there with the guys on the team and the coaches.

Q: Was it a different feeling coming to Iowa City as a commit as opposed to coming as someone who had not made a decision?

McCABE: Yeah it was. You are a little bit more comfortable for sure. You kind of realize that this is where you are going to be, so you relax and have a little more fun with it.

Q: You had to leave the camp early to start football practice at Heelan. How has that gone so far?

McCABE: It has been going real good. We have had a couple of hard days of practice and trying out a new offense a little bit.

Q: Are you anxious to get going with your senior year of football?

McCABE: I am real excited. It will be my last year, so I am going to try and have fun with it. We are going to try and win every game.

Q: What are your plans as far as getting back to Iowa City this fall? I know your official visit is planned for the Michigan game.

McCABE: We are going to try and get back for a few football games this year. I am going to be there for the UNI game and hopefully for the Arizona game.

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