August 6, 2009

Shaw feels comfortable in the GT offense

Backup quarterback Jaybo Shaw was thrown into the fire on several occasions last year and over the offseason, he prepared differently with the expectation he could come into a game at a moments notice. By both preparing physically and mentally, Shaw thinks he will be able to step in and make plays should head coach Paul Johnson ask him to come into a game.

"It feels great to out here in the second year under Coach Johnson. We have had a chance to work for a whole year and I have been looking forward to this for a long time," Shaw said. "I put some weight on and got stronger and faster. I am just excited."

The comfort level with the offense is very different from last year and Shaw is looking forward to improving on the details of his game rather than spending most of practice figuring out what is going on during a particular play.

"I feel really comfortable, but of course I need to get better at the passing game and even in the option game," he said. "I need to get stronger at every aspect of being a quarterback, but I feel a lot more comfortable than I did at this point last year. I am trying to get better everyday."

Coach Johnson wants to see Shaw push starting quarterback Josh Nesbitt for playing time and that is something that keeps Shaw motivated during practice.

"Anytime you put on a helmet, and you can ask any guy out here, you want to compete for a starting position," he said. "That is what I have to get into my mind. Some days I need to step it up and that is what I am trying to do. I am trying to prove myself each and every day."

Last year Shaw was called upon to keep Georgia Tech's offense going when Nesbitt was injured at various times and he knows that he is a play away from coming into the game at any moment.

"That is always in the back of my mind," Shaw said of odds of going into any game. "I have to be ready every snap and every practice because you never know. You have to make sure you know what you are doing and I will be more ready than I was last year."

The first eleven-on-eleven drill was very enjoyable for Shaw because it is one-step closer to a full scrimmage.

"It went well and we are trying to get better against our defense and they are trying to get better against us," Shaw said. "A lot of guys fooled around, but I thought it looked good and of course we have to sharpen up things with some checks. That will come as we play against the defense more."

Shaw has also been impressed with how true freshmen Jordan Luallen and David Sims are adjusting to the offense and how athletic the two quarterbacks are.

"They are very impressive throwing the ball. Both of them are very athletic, but they are getting a lot thrown at them right now and it is really had if you have not had any option experience or anything like what we do to get thrown that option thrown at you," Shaw said. "They are both very athletic and very good quarterbacks."

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