July 27, 2009

Colvin didn't keep everyone in suspense

Owasso, Okla. three-star cornerback Aaron Colvin may have kept most of the state waiting to know what school would win his commitment before announcing on statewide television on Sunday night. However there were a few select people in Norman, Okla. who had known for several days just where the 6-foot, 180-pound defender would spend his college days.

That's because Colvin had informed Bob Stoops and Bobby Jack Wright of his decision to be a Sooner before he informed anyone outside of his inner circle.

"I told them last Wednesday, I told them real early but I didn't get to announce it until today," Colvin said. "Actually I told coach Stoops first. He told me to call him the next day after we spoke.

"He didn't know I was committing so he was trying to give me a lot of recruiting info and he told me so much that I couldn't go wrong with going to Oklahoma. Then I called coach Wright and asked if he still had a spot for me.

"He said didn't you talk to coach Stoops? I told him I did and he said of course we have a spot for you!"

While he may have informed Oklahoma of his decision prior to announcing on television he says that he had a good idea Norman would be his future home when he visited for Oklahoma's summer camp in early June.

"Honestly I didn't grow up following Oklahoma, I grew up in Tennessee, I was an SEC guy. When I got here I heard Oklahoma was the big dog on campus, when I went to the camp I loved it. I kind of felt like that's where I want to be," he said. "The thing was I didn't want to shut out Missouri, Oklahoma State, and Tulsa. I wanted to check them out and be 100-percent about my decision, but after that I felt the same way.

"When I went down there the second time, everything was great. Sitting down one on one with coach Wright, it kind of sold the program for me."

Colvin says a big part of his conversations with Wright was the chance to talk about how he'd fit into Oklahoma's plans and being told that he had more than a future of special teams when he starts playing for the Sooners.

"It really was, I wasn't really sure about the depth and the competition level up there. I didn't really get to see them work but I got to see them run," he said. "When I just talked to coach Stoops, he knows what he wants, and he really gives out the scholarships, him telling me that I'm not just going to be a special teams guy for them was important to me.

"Along those lines, for them to confirm it with me, I do have the talent to be an impact player at a major university that was a big deal for me."

As for the public declaration Colvin admits he was more than a little nervous about speaking to the entire state of Oklahoma. He then proceeded to put the entire collection of state sports reporters on alert.

"I'm not even going to lie, I was nervous as all get out. I think my commentary was right on, I'm tell you, you better bring you're a-game once I'm done with football," Colvin laughed.

With his family and friends in tow, Colvin says that he couldn't have envisioned a much better way of committing and paying tribute to the people who are most important to him.

"They are just excited, whatever I want to do they are going to support me. I didn't have to worry about persuading my family, they would have my back on any choice," he said. "Oh man it was great, I kind of wanted to do it like that, so I could give my thanks to everybody who has been there for me. I wanted to let everyone know thank you and thank everyone that

Colvin says he is aware that Oklahoma has missed out on some Owasso guys in the past but he has no plans on seeing that continue as he expects to see more Rams head to Norman very soon.

In spite of his commitment perhaps no commentary was more surprising than Colvin's bold statement that the Rams were out to move the 6A state title to North Tulsa from it's seemingly permanent home on the South side of town.

"I'm trying to set the trend, trying to set a trend," he said. "I'm trying to get our guys excited about it. As excited as I am. I'm trying to send out a little message and let everyone know we are for real."

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