February 11, 2009

Defensive Class a Walking Highlight Reel

Of course 2010 is already coming into focus for Oklahoma but SoonerScoop.com isn't' done with the class of 2009 as further evaluation is still in order. Oklahoma may have signed the nation's best group of defensive talent including a secondary that was ranked as the nation's best crop by Rivals.com. Take a look as we break down some of the best clips of Oklahoma's star-studded group of defensive recruits.

1. Demontre Hurst, CB - - 2:29 - If you had any question as to what Oklahoma might be thinking as the eventual replacement to Dominique Franks? Take a look at the speed and fluidity of Hurst right here, this one isn't just football speed, this is track speed.

2. Tom Wort, LB - - :12 - So I picked one out of 20 that would be fitting for this list, it's something of a surprising pick as it's Wort sifting through traffic that makes the list rather than a huge hit.

3. Kevin Brent, S - - 1:05 - Brent has a reputation as a lights-out hitter but isn't given his due as an athlete from time to time, this play is a great example of his closing speed and ability to make plays sideline to sideline.

4. Gabe Lynn, CB - - 1:47 - One of the pre-requisites for Oklahoma's cornerbacks is the ability to tackle in space and here Lynn drags down the state's No. 4 player Jeremy Smith in the open field.

5. Justin Chaisson, DE - - :40 - Sure everyone knows how big and strong Chaisson is but what's wrong with a play that so perfectly embodies it? Chaisson not only dominates his blocker but also the running back assigned to chip him before dragging down an athletic quarterback.

6. Kevin Brent, S - - :17 - Again, this is Brent kind of eliminating some of the myths that exist about him, the ability to cover like this is something that most don't feel he has. It also gives Oklahoma some options about how they'd like to use him defensively.

7. Jamarkus McFarland, DT - - :06 - There honestly were a few better plays on some of his normal game stuff but this type of play against elite competition shows what McFarland is capable of.

8. Ronnell Lewis, LB - - :28 - No need to over complicate, it's just a massive hit.

9. Gus Jones, LB - - 1:13 - We all love to talk about a defensive tackle splitting a double team but it's rare when you can see such a clear picture of a linebacker doing the same. Jones takes on the lineman as well as a blocking running back and divides to blow up the play. Might be harder to realize what a quality play it is without such a good angle at it.

10. Marcus Trice, CB - - :59 - Again a cornerback who is willing to come up and make a tackle in the open field. In this play Trice makes no bones about getting physical, he goes right into the backfield and goes forcefully after a running back.

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