February 6, 2009

Postin' Up with Steve Harley

In this week's edition of Postin' Up, we sit down with senior guard Steve Harley. What's he best part about talking with Harley? He gets straight to the point. The only problem is that there's not much after that. Either way, we at least got him to talk about his favorite moment as a Husker, playing Madden on Xbox and the comedy classic "Dumb and Dumber". Of course, we couldn't have a conversation with Harley without mentioning his hair at least once.

HI: Alright, let's start off talking about your hair… Just kidding. It seems like you get asked about your hair everywhere you go. You ever get tired of talking about it?

SH: "Yeah, they won't let me forget it."

HI: Do you ever regret cutting it?

SH: "Sometimes, but I can't get it back overnight, so I've just got to deal with this one."

HI: How long do you think you'll go with the Mowhawk?

SH: "I don't know. I think I'll finish the season out with it. I don't know about after the season though. I've got to keep something exotic, so I mean, what else can I do next?"

HI: A mullet?

SH: (Laughs) "Yeah right."

HI: OK, enough about the hair. Looking back on your career at Nebraska, is there a specific play that stands out as your favorite moment as a Husker?

SH: "Probably this year. The Creighton game, at the end of the game when I passed it to Ade under the rim. It was a big game, big rivalry. It was a big play."

HI: What's one thing off of the court that you're better at than any of your teammates?

SH: "Probably Madden. Yeah, don't tell them I said that, though."

HI: Playstation3 or Xbox?

SH: "Xbox."

HI: Who's your team?

SH: "Redskins."

HI: Ugh, the Redskins? Why them?

SH: "That's the home team."

HI: Do you like to run more or pass?

SH: "I'm balanced. I like passing though."

HI: What's your favorite play to run?

SH: "Play-action."

HI: Then deep to Santana Moss?

SH: (Laughs) "Yup. Exactly."

HI: What's something you would describe as one of your guilty pleasures? A song or movie that everyone thinks is dumb but you love?

SH: "'Dumb and Dumber'. It's like the funniest movie ever, and there's no cussing in it, either. It's great."

HI: What's your favorite scene?

SH: "I don't know, I just like the whole movie."

HI: Have you always been such a quiet guy?

SH: "Yeah, I'm not really talkative. God made you with two ears and one mouth, so you're supposed to listen more than you talk."

HI: Fair enough.

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