January 30, 2009

MacMillan talks about his decision

This week, offensive lineman Nolan MacMillan picked the Iowa Hawkeyes over a number of other scholarship offers from throughout the country. After the dust settled, we caught up with the 6-foot-6, 286-pound MacMillan, who is originally from Toronto, to talk in-depth about his decision, what won it out for the Hawkeyes, his future in Iowa City, and much more.

Q: Was Iowa out to see you this week before you made your decision?

MacMillan: Yeah. Coach Wilson and Coach Morgan were down on Wednesday and we spent quite a bit of time talking.

Q: Tell me about that meeting. Did that kind of wrap things up for you?

MacMillan: I was already pretty close. I was down to Boston College and Iowa in my mind. It was a very tough decision for me, but in the end I felt most comfortable at Iowa. They were involved early. They're a program that I really respected, I really liked from the beginning, and I had good interactions with all the coaches, so I felt good about that decision.

Q: Was the last meeting just getting to know them a little bit more then?

MacMillan: Yeah. I know Coach Wilson pretty well by now. We've seen a lot of him at The Hun School. Coach Morgan, I met him for the first time on my official visit, but since then he's been down a few times. We had a good talk on the official visit and each time he's come down we've been able to have a really good discussion, so it's been really good.

Q: You said it came down to Iowa and Boston College. Was part of it the turnover that happened on the BC coaching staff?

MacMillan: Not really. Coach Jagodzinski never really recruited me. It was always Coach McGovern and he's still there. I have a lot of respect for him and Coach Spaziani, but in the end Iowa was just the best place for me.

Q: What was it specifically that made Iowa the best place for you?

MacMillan: It's in the Big Ten and they have a great offensive line tradition. When I went down there, it seemed like the whole program is built around the offensive line. They need the offensive line to succeed. They've been having success and I think that they're in a place to continue to succeed. The academics, some people might say that a Boston College degree is a lot better, but it's what you make of it really. You can get a great education anywhere if you're dedicated. Also, they have the largest teaching hospital in the country, which is something I might be interested in, something medical related.

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