January 23, 2009

Postin' Up with Ryan Anderson

In this week's edition of Postin' Up, we sit down with junior guard Ryan Anderson. Along with being one of the best shooters on the team, the Seattle native is also quite the singer and musician. He's also the only Husker ever to hold bragging rights over former Texas star and current Oklahoma City Thunder guard Kevin Durant.

HI: You've pretty much earned the unanimous title of being the best musician on the team. Talk a little bit about you musical background.

RA: "I've been doing music since I can remember. Before I could walk I was trying to play the drums and all that stuff. I'm just part of a musical family. My parents, brothers and sisters, everybody did music with the church. I try to play everything, man. I'm serious."

HI: What's your favorite instrument to play?

RA: "Right now, it's piano. That's what I'm best at. But I can play drums. I can do all that stuff. I can do all of them, it's just that I want to focus on one. I want to perfect something, you know what I mean?"

HI: How often do get to play during the season with basketball and school going on?

RA: "This semester, my keyboard was stolen. I had my car broken into, and they took it. It's been pretty hard for me, I haven't had my baby. I'm serious. This semester, it's been the first time that I haven't had my key board here and practicing throughout the season. I haven't been able to do that. I'm saving, though, so I can get a new one."

HI: Ouch. Sorry to hear that. Well, at least you still have your singing voice. Do you ever sing in the locker room or anything to keep the guys entertained?

RA: "Sometimes. Not too much, because they give me some crap about it."

HI: How so?

RA: "My artist name in Slym, and they'll be like, 'Hey, Slym! Come on, Slym!' If I sing too serious, I don't want to get too serious around these guys. They'll be like, 'Aw, you're singing! Hahaha!' Then they'll try to sing with me, Sek will start singing with me, and it just becomes a joke. So I just keep it to myself."

HI: Well, when you do sing, what's your favorite kind of music?

RA: "It doesn't matter, whatever it is. It can be opera, reggae, jazz, R&B, classical. I like music, man. Any kind of music. It can be rock, whatever. If it's hot, I like it."

HI: So from what I hear you might be one of the few Big 12 Conference players to ever get the best of Kevin Durant. You beat him in a 3-point contest or something?

RA: "I only won by one point. It was in Las Vegas at a showcase (tournament in 2005), and we had just beat (Durant's team) in the championship. It's like right after the championship game, and Ty Lawson is like hyping him up - they were teammates - and he's hyping him, and I'm just sitting there like, 'OK, OK.' I didn't really know who he was back then, so I didn't know he was a killer shooter like that. I just knew he was a real good player. We were shooting, and it was like a nice little round because people were hanging around to watch. It was like three rounds, and he went first and he got 17 (out of 25). I went second and I got 18."

HI: All things considered, you pretty much have to brag about that as much as possible.

RA: "If I run into him, I might say something. But I never beat him in a real game, so that's a killer. We lost by one point to him (in 2006) here, 62-61. I remember that. We had a chance to win at the buzzer, and we didn't win. After the game, he came up to me and was like, 'I got you back.'"

HI: Not much you can say then, I guess.

RA: "Yeah, I was pretty much just like, 'Yeah, you got this one.' I'll get him back somehow one of these days."

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