January 13, 2009

Corey Adams Q&A

Arizona State received a signature commitment Tuesday when Rivals100 recruit Corey Adams, the No. 89 recruit nationally and No. 9 defensive tackle prospect provided the Sun Devils with a verbal pledge. Following the decision Adams spoke with ASUDevils.com.

ASUDevils.com: What allowed you to decide that now was the time to make your commitment to ASU?

Adams: "I just figured it out and I thought it wouldn't be fair to the other coaches who had been recruiting me to make them wait any longer.

What did you do when you committed? Who did you talk to at ASU?

"I only called (Dennis) Erickson. There is a big convention going on. I called him, he left early so I managed to get a couple minutes and basically told him I was verbally committing to ASU. He gave me thanks and congrats and told me he was really looking forward to coaching me in the future."

Why ASU?

"There wasn't one specific thing. There were pluses and minuses for all the different schools and for me ASU had a couple more than the others so that's how I came to my decision."

How much of a factor was having your family local and a strong support system already in place here in town?

"That was a plus with the decision. It didn't seal the deal but along with everything else it was an added bonus put on it."

How difficult was it to turn down the opportunity to pick Ohio State, a school that was your childhood favorite?

"That was what really made it so hard. I liked all the schools I was looking at and it made it a little more arduous than it should have been because I got to know everyone and developed relationships and it's tough when you have to just pick one school."

How big of a factor was (ASU defensive line coach) Grady Stretz in the decision?

"He was big. He was the one recruiting me. I talked to him the most. It definitely helped the fact that he's my (position) coach and he's the one recruiting me so I built a strong relationship with him and that was really a big factor."

Did the ASU coaches impress upon you the importance for them of keeping the top local talent at home and did that have any impact on your decision?

"I really didn't put too much of my decision on that. I had to make the best decision for myself. But they did talk to me about that and I do understand where they are coming from and I agree it's important and I look forward to helping them support the school that is the home school and in our backyard and getting some other guys on board and see where we can take this thing."

Is it going to be a little extra fun playing with (high school teammates) Max (Smith) and Kody (Koebensky) not to mention Max (Tabach) who you know and played with?

"Definitely. I look forward to the whole college experience a lot and I think it'll be fun and having those guys around as part of that will probably only help to make it that much better."

What put ASU over the top?

"The coaches. I liked the way they talked to me. I thought ASU was the total package."

Have you had any dialogue with Devon Kennard about what he's thinking as he goes through the process and do you have the type of personality where you'd try to seek him out and attempt to influence him now that you've made your decision?

"I haven't. People have asked me about it but I haven't had any dialogue with him about his decision-making process or what he's thinking or going to do. If he talks to me or wants to have a conversation about it with me that's fine. I'm probably not going to call him. There are enough calls and enough pressure already as it is that I don't think he needs to have that added on top of everything, especially knowing what it's like to go through it all. He's a cool guy. We've talked before and he's a great player and it would be great to have him at ASU but I'm probably not going to take it upon myself to try to convince anyone what is right for them."

ASU's defensive line is shaping up to be pretty good next year with guys like Dexter Davis, Lawrence Guy, James Brooks and some others, including you now. Is that something that has you pretty pumped up?

"I'm very excited. It just seems like a good fit for me. Coming in I hope to work hard and not necessarily start but get some playing time as a freshman and find my spot amongst all these players and try my best to do a good job and make an impression on the coaches."

Now your focus obviously changes. What are the next six months or so going to be like for you and what are your plans?

"Honestly just finish school. I'll work out, run and do the things that are important to staying in good shape but I want to enjoy my last few months of high school and spend time with my friends who are going to be moving on to go to school out of state or doing other things with their lives."

What's the response been from your family and friends and coaches now that you've made your decision?

"It's been cool. Obviously a lot of friends and family have been toying and bugging with me about what I'm going to do. I told my coaches and family first and told my friends and they congratulated me. It was pretty cool."

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