December 24, 2008

Ertz Poised to Make an Impact

While the admissions process at Stanford is strenuous and time consuming, the excitement of acceptance is well worth the hard work. For Danville (CA) Monte Vista tight end Zach Ertz, the news of acceptance took an tremendous amount of worry off the teenager's mind.

"It's a huge weight off my shoulders to be admitted," Ertz told Cardinal Report. "I'm ready to finally get to work now that I know I'm in."

Stanford is one of the rare Division One schools that combines athletic excellence with esteemed academics. Zach Ertz admitted that the process was a bit daunting.

"Yeah, I was nervous," Ertz said. "I got a C last semester which is why the process took so long but thankfully it all worked out.

"All the coaches have been great through the whole process assuring me that I would get in."

The news of the acceptance was a huge moment not only for Zach but also for his family and those around him.

"My mom was crying," Ertz said. "She was excited all my friends were really happy for me."

Stanford has become a program in the mold of a family under Jim Harbaugh and the tight-knit nature of the coaching staff and recruits is very rare today. Harbaugh delivered the good news and some recruits also welcomed Zach to the fold.

"After basketball practice, I saw I had two missed calls from Coach Harbaugh," Ertz said. "I talked to (Stanford commit) Jamal Patterson about it as well, he was admitted a while ago so he was congratulating me."

Ertz's bond with the Stanford recruits has grown since his verbal way back in February of 2008.

"I've basically talked to every single commit, the whole class is so tight and everyone is happy for me now that I have been admitted," Ertz said.

Now that this tremendous weight has been lifted off his shoulders, Zach Ertz is ready to improve as a football player and help the Cardinal get back to the bowl season.

"All the coaches have told me that I could come in and compete right away," Ertz said. "The thing I need to work on most is probably my blocking."

Ertz finished his senior season with 14 receiving touchdowns. He plans on taking his visit with the majority of the Stanford commits and recruits on January 9th.

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